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Knitting For Charity in Austin Texas

Knitting Hats and Scarves for the Homeless in Austin, TX

 Charity Scarf Patterns

Scarf Specifications

Hat Specifications.

1. Dark, solid colors were preferred over lights, brights or stripes.

2. The simpler the pattern, the better. Example: and

3. Hats with embellishments like pompoms are not snatched up as enthusiastically.

4. Hats for men. Big, warm, “pull down over your ears” hats for men. If you are a female knitter, the hat should be a bit big on you. (The homeless men really want plain, dark hats. Please pay attention to this and avoid stripes, embellishments and patterns.) The homeless do not like to wear anything that makes them stand out or easily identifiable.

Consider putting together some care packages for the homeless.

Consider what items you would likely need if you were homeless. It's a good idea to assemble some basic necessity gift packages, containing perhaps some of the following items:

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