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Meditation - A way to live a healthy life
Submitted by srirupajianant
Thu, 1 Mar 2012

Meditation helps you to have high energy level which reduces your stress. Meditation heals all physical, mental, emotional diseases. There is no disease which can't be healed through meditation. Meditation helps psychologically and physically. Meditation helps to get rid of stress, tension, fears, phobias, depression, anxiety, blood pressure, heart diseases or any other physical or mental or emotional diseases.

Meditation helps you to have better relationships. Meditation helps you to achieve success in your life. Meditation helps you in enjoying whatever you have. Most of the time, it happens that we have so many things but due to our mind's nature, we are not able to enjoy what we have. So meditation helps you in enjoying what we have that is living in now. Meditation of course helps you in your spiritual growth. It is not at all a religious activity.

Meditation gives you a new meaning to your own self. Meditation helps you in crystallization of your mind that is the way you write something in computer and delete it so that there is more space in a much same way you need to wipe out unnecessary data of your mind.

Unnecessary data means unpleasant memories, unwanted thoughts and emotions. You need to wipe out those data so that mind has more space for productive and creative thoughts. Mind becomes more intelligent. When the crystallization of the mind happens it will be easy for you to change yourself. Changing yourself means changing your attitude and the belief systems.

Changing yourself means changing your perception level and understanding level, your perception towards yourself, your life, death and god. You will have higher understanding towards all situations and so called problems in your life. Result would be you will not suffer anymore in the same situation you will be blissful with high energy level and your growth will happen.
The growth and the expansion of your being is the purpose of your life. Meditation has uncountable benefits. All the solutions you get through meditation. All the answers to your problems you get through meditation. All your desires gets fulfilled through meditation. Meditation is not doing it is a thing of happening.

Once meditation starts happening in your life each and every other thing starts happening in your life without your efforts. You can call it a miracle. You will be the miracle your life will be miracle and the only thing that will happen in your life will be miracle.

Meditation helps you to become unlimited.

Sri Rupaji Anant Charitable Trust is envisioning a healthy, loving and blissful world by helping people to heal physical, mental, emotional diseases through drugless therapies and meditation.

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