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Meditation- a gift of an ancient India
Submitted by michaellwaugh
Mon, 10 Sep 2012

Now-a-days each and every person in this world is involved in race of life. No one have enough time for own life. Everyone wants to be happy in their life and for that all ready to pay any cost. But there are lots of examples of people who have achieved all goals of their life but are unhappy. Today people have everything except "peace" and if your life is lack of peace, you can't be a happy person.

The solution was given by an ancient India. It is "meditation". Meditation is an act through which our mind gets stabilized and a person feels relaxed. It was taught to kings of India by their teachers (guru) so, king can maintain his mind stable in any critical situation and run his kingdom properly. This is the origin of meditation.

Now-a-days people are running towards meditation to get the peace and stability of their mind. There are lots of ways to perform meditation. Some people go to classes for meditation. A person can do meditation by concentrating a single point and during this he has t try to control his thoughts. This method is somewhat difficult. To overcome this difficulty meditation music is used by the people. Meditation music includes music for morning sadhana, different mantras, sounds of gong and bells and different bhajans. Sounds of bells and gongs act as meditate music. Meditate music allows person to think deeply or allows person to concentrate on a single point. It creates an environment in which person's meditation power increases. Some peoples hear bhajans or their guru's talk and deeply think on that point during their meditation, such kind of music is called meditative music. Person is accepting a thought of someone and tries to absorb it in his life. Meditative music shows the spiritual way of life. Spiritual quality of person becomes large by this kind of music.

Meditation is the way by which a person makes his mind calm and accurate in each and everything. A person can achieve a great success only if his mind is stable in any condition. With the help of mediation we can remain stable in good or bad time. The rule of success says if you want success then be practical and don't get frustrate in your losing condition. This can be only followed by meditation. Not only success but also peace-full life can be achieved by meditation. If your mind is stable so it means that your life is peace-full and you'll be happy person in the world although you'll not have that much physical facility. You'll be able to live with lowest requirement if you have stable and calm mind. Hence it is rightly said that meditation is the ancient gift to us.

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