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Three Reasons Why Things Aren't Working for You

By Adelbert Enriquez | Submitted On February 23, 2015

There are three main reasons why things aren't working for you and you cannot reach your goals forever. You should correct these reasons, study it and do something about it for you to change your life dramatically and be successful in the fastest possible time.

The first reason why things aren't working for you is YOU DON'T LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING, this phrase has been repeated over and over again but why can't people just do what they love to do? It is because they think they cannot earn money or make a living out of their hobby or talent. You have to trust your talent, you have to trust that it will give you money you just have to find it and make a way how to do it.

I've never seen any successful people who works 16 brutal hours a day who is inline with the job that he hates. No one can succeed by doing a job that he cannot stomach. Even a robot cannot do that. It is like playing a video game that you do not love so the result is you will not finish the video game in other words GAME OVER.

The second reason is YOU DON'T HAVE A REASON TO SUCCEED, you just live life as it is. You don't care if you will fail, you don't care if you are progressing or not because it will not hurt you at all. You don't have any inspiration why you are doing something in other words you are just living for yourself. I know a lot of successful people who make actions or pursue their goal because they dedicate it to their love ones and the important persons in their lives. it is necessary to achieve what they want because they don't want to disappoint the people who rely on them.

The third reason is YOU ARE ALREADY SATISFIED, you are already satisfied with the results, you are already satisfied with your current situation. If you really want things to work for you then you must be always hungry. You must be in a sense of urgency mode, you must always be willing to take immediate actions even if you don't feel right, you've got to have the willingness to take an extra mile or extra push.

Things will work for you if you study these reasons and make the necessary adjustments in your life. There is no reason why you cannot succeed if you do the right thing!

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