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Acts of Kindness

By RV Eswaran Iyer | Submitted On February 27, 2015

Many of us want to do something good for others. Charity is in our heart. But due to lack of money, lack of time, and lack of ideas we are unable to fulfil this noble desire in our hearts and minds.

There is many a charity work and acts of kindness that you can do without money. Lot of your precious time may also be not required for the same. What is required is your will to help others. When there is a will there is a way. Keeping your heart and mind open, you can find thousands of ways to help others. Everyone has something to give.

Even a single act of kindness a day can make your day happy and purposeful. You will find that over a period of time, such acts of kindness multiply the happiness within you. It also spreads to others like a virus. Your acts of kindness and charity work benefits you much more than the receiver. What you give to the world is returned to you manifold. It adds a sense of purpose and meaning to your life. Recent research in Psychology and health proves that 'doing good' has a positive effect on your physical, emotional, and mental health. On the physical level, endorphins and other positive sensations released in your body makes you a happy, stress-free and healthy individual with a sense of self-worth. You experience less depression, greater calm, and better health.

When you carry out acts of kindness, you feel good. You are happy that you can make a difference in the lives of others. You achieve a sense of purpose in life.

Here are few suggestions of acts of kindness and charity work you can do:

Appreciation: Whomever you meet, find a point of appreciation in them and appreciate instantly. Appreciate then openly in front of others. It will not only motivate them, but inspire them to continue their good work and excel. Give honest and sincere appreciation. Make people feel good about themselves. Acknowledge their services, merit, action, look, gestures, etc.

Two years ago, during my visit to Pondicherry, I was impressed by the service given by a server in a restaurant. I conveyed my appreciation to him and to the owner. Today, the server has become the manager of the restaurant. Maybe, my appreciation has someway contributed to his growth.

Cultivate this habit of appreciation. You will be an instrument in inspiring many in their life.

Sharing Knowledge: All of us gather knowledge on various subjects from our education, experience, exposure, and observation. You can always find an opportunity of sharing your knowledge with others. The knowledge shared at the right time, can do wonders for others. It can save a life. It can motivate others. It can show a correct path in their life journey.

You should share your experience and knowledge whenever an opportunity arises, not only with friends, relatives and colleagues, but also with any stranger whom you feel will benefit by it. Professionals like doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, social workers and also senior citizens can do good service to the society by sharing their knowledge instead of looking for mere monetary gain.

Showing Concern: We feel the kindness of others when they are there when we need them most. Be there for people when they need you. Participate in others' happy moments like marriage, birthday, and sad moments such as hospitalisation, death, calamities etc. Do it without expecting an invitation.

I know the chairman of a multinational company who makes it a point to visit the house of his workers whenever he hears about the death of a close relative of a worker. There are days when he has to visit three to four houses a day. But he doesn't mind. He understands the importance of being there for others.

Comforting someone in grief is the greatest service to the mankind. If a personal visit is not possible, you can always get in touch with them through e-mail, social media, letters, phone, etc.

Sharing what you have: You can share many things with others which you use in your day to day life. When you are driving your car, you can give a lift to others. You can share your magazines and books with others. You may choose to share your excess food.

Recently, during my morning walk, I was wonderstruck on the act of kindness shown by a small girl. She was going to school. Ten dogs were following her wagging their tail. As she was walking, she was feeding the dogs from her lunch box.

I know a family who had put a clock outside their house to help passersby to see the time. They have also put a black board outside their house in which they write good quotes and thoughts.

Reach out: It costs very less to call and just ask someone how they are doing. It creates a feeling in them that there is some who cares for them. This feeling itself is a great boost in their life. You can always maintain your contacts through casual visits, phones, email, social media and letters.

One of my friends in Pune sends about five thousand birthday greetings per year to his friends and acquaintances. He has that many number of permanent friends.

Volunteer: There are many causes and organisations which need your time and expertise to help them. You can become a member of such social organisations and contribute your money, efforts, time and knowledge. It will help you to reach out to your community faster, find new friends and develop your social skills. It can give you a sense of identity and natural sense of accomplishment.

Some of the other activities of kindness can be: Smiling, giving thanks, showing gratitude being the first to greet others, lending your ears, praying for others, etc.

As the author of the book 'Smile Anyway' says, "Every sunshine is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day."

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