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Drop the Boulders and Move Forward

By Brett Wade | Submitted On November 23, 2014

In Ho'oponopono we often talk about forgiving the past. In fact, the Hawaiian word, "Ho'oponopono" means to forgive or reconcile or set things right. I tell my students to think about a past event or person who has wronged them. We all carry around emotional hurt and pain that we have tucked into the recesses of our subconscious mind. By bringing that person or event out of the shadows, you can begin the process of letting it go.

I liken these people or events we have hidden away to boulders that we carry. When we initially start dragging the emotional burden around with us it is very noticeable and painful but humans are shockingly resilient - sometimes to a fault. With time we accommodate to the weight of the boulder and we get "stronger". We adapt and try to move on but how far can you really go with carrying those boulders?

Soon we find that it is not just one boulder but several that we are now carrying. There is the boulder from the ex-lover that broke your heart, the boulder from the pain of getting fired, the boulder from past abuse, or the boulder from a bank foreclosure. We all have these boulders or ones like them. You have become incredibly strong from the herculean effort required to carry the load. For some of us who know we are carrying them, we wear it like a secret superhero badge. We might actually start to think that the boulders are helping us by making us stronger.

The fact is that while the weight of the emotional boulder has made you strong to the outside, your tough veneer is hiding a true inner self that is crumbling under the weight. You can't keep dragging the weight forever. You are not carrying the weights in a young body anymore. Our older selves need to be freed from the encumbrances.

What would it feel like to drop these boulders? Where would you go if you were free to move about without the weight? Have you considered how these boulders are literally holding you back from reaching your full potential?

The process of Ho'oponopono is to forgive the past. You might think it is crazy to forgive somebody or some event that has harmed you but ask yourself if they have asked you for your forgiveness? Maybe they are not even on this planet anymore? If you are waiting for forgiveness or unwilling to offer forgiveness, you are energetically tied to it. Forgiving acknowledges your energetic tie to the person and starts the process of letting go. If they are the boulder, you are the one holding the ropes. If they will not or cannot ask for forgiveness, maybe it is time for you to do so? It is not necessary to confront the person or event. In Ho'oponopono we visualize the person or event and then say, "I love you, please forgive me, thank you."

It might seem foreign or odd or even emotionally risky to do this but ask yourself, "How much longer can I carry the weight?"

Start the process of chipping away the boulders. Spend time everyday visualizing the "boulder" and then saying. "I love you, please forgive me, thank you." The only thing you have to lose is the massive emotional weight!

What will you do when the weight is not dragging you down?


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