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Everywhere a Sign

By Brett Wade | Submitted On December 07, 2014

Quick, who wrote the lyrics to "Signs?" If you knew that it was the Five Man Electrical Band from Ottawa, congratulations!

I loved this song from the moment I heard it in the 70's. While I don't think I fully understood the lyrics of the song when I was a kid, I lived them as a young adult. I detested signs that were discriminatory or inflammatory.

One sign that used to make me laugh was a sign that I reads "You have now entered the United States. If you have not presented yourself to an Immigration Officer, you may be prosecuted."

I used to live close to the US Border and many of the local hiking trails and logging roads traversed the world's longest unprotected border. Sometimes you would be following a trail and then stumble upon a sign like that out in the middle of nowhere. Of course, I turned around.

The signs that I think about more often now are the subtle signs. A sign is often an event that makes us snap out of our subconscious state and forces us to pay attention to present moment. Signs can also be viewed as an opportunity for positive change. Some people regard signs as a message from a conscious source or of divine intervention and others will shrug them off as pure coincidence.

Myself, I consider events that appear coincidental, an occurrence that was co-created by myself and the infinite source of energy around us and within us. There is no question that we are all part of the same thing. As Carl Sagan put it, "We are all star stuff". There is no start and end to me as there is no start and end to you. We are all extensions of energy. A non-secular view might say we are all "God" but I am of the opinion that it might just be semantics.

When you correctly view yourself as part of the ripple on the endless ocean of waves and ripples, you see that your energy (your wave) matters. You are part of the fabric of the cosmos and your actions, which may seem insignificant, are radiated out into the universe and add to the ripples and waves already in existence. The very first breath you took, created ripples felt around the universe.

When considering that you are a wave maker amongst an endless sea of wave makers you can see that you thoughts and actions affect other living and non-living things at an infinite distance. It is like that telephone game I used to play as a kid. We would take two cans and connect them by a long piece of string. You could speak into the can and the other person could hear your voice amplified at a distance. It was merely mechanical waves bouncing along the string to create the sound which we heard in our ear.

A "sign" then can be something you asked for or something that somebody else asked for you. The thought created a ripple which affected the waves around you. It is indisputable that thoughts create waves. We can easily measure the brain waves of thought. It is inconceivable to think that the thought is just contained within our cranium. The thought, like the voice traveling as a wave on the string, radiates outward and has far-reaching effects.

The next time an "event" happens, realize that it was co-created by you. Sometimes people will send us waves. We need to recognize the signs and act accordingly. Learn to master the waves of life so you don't continually get drowned by the signs.


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