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 The Feelings of Joy

By Rodney Evan Bentley | Submitted On January 16, 2015

When would you have feelings of joy? Because joy is also a feeling, and no doubt, a very intense emotion that makes you feel very good. For example, you have been studying hard to pass your exam, and you were successful. It is that intense feeling of elation, of happiness and delight that you have succeeded. To use another example, you have asked your beloved to marry you, and she has agreed. It's that thrill you have in your heart, the delight that you have the answer you wanted. You want to jump up and down, you want to dance in the street looking like a fool, but you just it because you have received what you wanted.

But now, what if you were not successful? What if you did not pass your exam that you were studying so hard for, you do not even know what went wrong? Now, you have feelings of sadness, you feel like a failure, you feel sad and sorrowful because you did not achieve what you wanted. Now, you also have to deal with depression and rejection, and you actually feel like committing suicide, and you are pessimistic about life in general.

Joy also is not only a feeling. When things seem to go all wrong when you want it to go wrong, then you need to watch your attitude towards life. Be positive and create your own joy. But how do you think you will do that? Look at the brighter side of life. Life has its ups and downs all the time, and you can create your own joy. So, you have lost your exam? No problem, have joy in the fact that you can do even better the next time. Your beloved refuses to marry you? Then it is better that way, and as they say, there is plenty fish in the sea. You just were not meant to marry your beloved, tough as that answer might be. Stay confident, and act joyful even when you feel like hiding under the carpet in the lounge. And, best of all, smile. Smile a lot, even if it means you have to push your toothbrush in your mouth, sideways. Because joy starts with your attitude towards life, if you go through life acting joyful, it would rub off on you, and all the positive things you want will happen. Talk to the joyful people, and ask them what caused them to be so joyful. You will find that they also had many setbacks in their life. And it was hard work, and working through the failures is not easy, but now that they have received the blessing they worked towards, now they have inexpressible joy.

Life is not easy, and you have to be joyful in spite all the setbacks in your life. With all your setbacks, you learnt so many in life that will be priceless in the long run. Be positive; keep your joy in spite of all the things that can go wrong. Your attitude towards life influences whether you will be joyful or not and whether you will be joyful or not will influences the rest of your life, if your life would be successful or not. These sound stupid, but think about this.

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