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Genius Hidden Inside You

By Marek Mularczyk | Submitted On January 05, 2015

There is a genius inside each of us. If you find that genius inside you, if you do your best to find that genius inside you, you can unleash amazing power that is hidden inside you and you will have an amazing life.

Most us don't even know that we have this genius hidden inside us. My purpose here is to help you find your genius and awaken your unlimited power.

Each of us lives by a set of values or priorities. We can categorise them into two groups:

- highest values (most important)
- lowest values (least important)

You are most focused and disciplined on things that are within your highest values, you give most importance to them.You will also have order within this area of your life. You will identify with that which has the most value to you.

Let me give you an example. I love, absolutely love reading. Especially reading books that expand my thinking (some of my favourite authors are Tony Robbins, Joe Vitale, Napoleon Hill, and John Demartini). Because reading is one of my highest values, you don't need to get me to read. Nobody needs to wake me up and get me from my bed to read. When I wake up, I can hardly wait till when I get a book into my hands. Before going to sleep, I read some more. When I'm on the train or on the bus, guess what I'm doing?

Whatever is most important to you, you feel inspired to do and nobody needs to motivate you.

On the other hand, anything that is lowest in your values, you procrastinate in this area, you delay doing these things. Whatever is on your lowest values list, you will need to be motivated to do.
If you look once again on what you have just read, notice something very important. Let me give it to you in bold:

"Inspiration comes from your highest values, motivation comes from your lowest values."

Our values change. They evolve. Each of us, no matter what age you are, has a mission in life and each of us is dedicating his/her life towards it. That's what we feel inspired to do. Each of us has unique values. No two people have the same values. The world around us supports our values. Your highest values create area in your life where you have higher attention (some call it Attention Surplus Order).
On the other hand, within your lowest values you start creating what some called Attention Deficit Disorder.

Speaking of ADD, let me give you an amazing quote from John Demartini:

"Majority of misdiagnosis of children, that are labelled ADD, if you follow them you will find an area in their life where they're highly focused, remember things, know things, and could be dedicated to without distraction for hours."

This absolutely blows my mind. It is so not what we have been told for many years.
Remember that you have an amazing power inside you. It's just been hidden and you have not been able to use it yet. But it is there. You DO have it within you. Don't you ever question it. Don't let anyone question it.

I want you to see new possibilities in your life. Set goals in your life that align with what you believe, with what lies within your highest values. Because if you don't, you will procrastinate. You will start doubting your self.

If you set goals that are aligned with your highest values, you will start believing in yourself and you will start believing that "You can". And with time, your confidence increases. You start believing that you can do more, that you can achieve more.

So, focus on your highest values and awaken the giant within you.

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