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How To Protect Yourself From Everything

By Premkiran Gurung | Submitted On November 04, 2014

Fear. That simple emotion is responsible for a lot of your problems.

If you absolutely have no fear then nothing can happen to you.

Yes its that fear, that horrible feeling which produces more of it.

Fear is the reason when someone falls he manages to break his bones or even dies. You have to be fearless because life is an adventure where fortune favours the brave. I'm not saying that if I fall I cannot die. I may, but so many times I've slipped from rocks, fallen from my motorcycle, dived inside turbulent waters when raining. I am still alive. I have had many fights with many men single handed. I am still alive. Not because I am as strong as Batista but because dogs can't bite you when you don't have any fear of them.

If you think that you can take on a small guy who is fearless, think again.

If you are alone in your home and you are feeling scared, imagine yourself as a big monster that even ghosts are afraid of. If you are feeling sick imagine that big muscular monster again. When I fall from my bike I never feel fear. I just feel that I should act quickly. So I act and I am saved. When someone confronts me I am least bothered about what he's gonna do to me. All I will be thinking is how to teach him a lesson. I don't care about how many friends he has around him even if they are many of them. Usually they are all chickens.

However a complete absence of failure not only protects you physically but it also protects your financial and your love life. It saves you from diseases also. I know a man who is diagnosed HIV positive and yet even after suffering from Japanese encephalitis he managed to live on. My smaller brother had a skin disease so I never slept in his bed and never used the towels he used. After a few weeks I was suffering from the same disease whereas my elder brother never contracted that disease even though he was careless.

Even I feel fear but not in physical matters. I feel fear in other things and where I feel fear I usually lose. After I realised this fact of life I have started to see things as they are and not run away from the imaginations of my mind. I am not saying that you won't die if you jump from a helicopter and have no fear. What I am saying is that if you have a parachute and it malfunctions and if you are fearless you have a greater chance of surviving than if you peed in your pants. Daniel in the den lived because he had no fear of the lions. He trusted God so much that the lions could not even scratch him.

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