Molding Clay Buying and Use

By G. Smitty | Submitted On August 02, 2010

Many people who feel they have an artistic side start with sculpting. It is the simplest art you can try at home. Today, molding is not a big problem or a boring task. It is possible to buy ready-made clays and tools. The modeling clay is available in many colors and levels of softness at room temperature. Humans have used clay to make many items for centuries. Examples include kitchen vessels, flowerpots, and other items. Since those early days, clay for molding has been a combination of water, and some natural minerals.

Currently, the type of you are likely to find is very improved compared to the that potters used in the past. You simply have to buy the clay from the home manufacturers or real companies. The homemade clays are very much cheaper than commercially manufactured styles that have fine grains. Many people have concerns when buying the clay types. These include the following.

• The clay safety - When you have to involve your kids in a given activity, it is good to avoid any form of toxins. The good thing is that many types of molding are not harmful at all. They are safe to use by both adults and children. If you want to teach your children the way to sculpt, buy the specific clay type for them.

• Kiln Firing - The type of clay you decide to use determines the type of kiln you have to use. Some types, such as the polymer clays require low temperature range. Thus, you could even use your usual 275degrees Fahrenheit oven to dry the polymer designs. The other natural require high firing temperature ranges. As a result, you may have to buy the most suitable kiln.

• Types - When you are just new to molding, you should discover the types of modeling clays available. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of clay. Read usage instructions to discover the types of tools you must buy along with the clay. Obviously, you want to start with the type of clay that could save you money as you learn to sculpture. The polymer clay is common among hobbyists and professional sculptors. You could as well choose among pottery, oil-based and dough clays. Each clay type has its own special qualities and method of usage. The clays come in many colors to help you create beautiful designs.

Clay for molding has many uses. Mostly, clay is useful in making bricks, pottery, fine art sculptures, and many other items. Clay is even of use in making dummy architectural plans. Use clay to make any creative item you wish to see around you. The type of use to buy any clay for depends upon your goals. Some people have related businesses, and others do it for fun. It is easy to fulfill any goal that you have with the available molding clay. Whether you want to buy cheaper or expensive types, you are free.

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