Watercolor Distalfink by Frances Osborne Austin TX    Creative Use of Blank Sketchbooks and Journals

    So you want to be an artist? (Or an illustrator, or an architect, or just doodle from time to time?) You’ve come to the right place.

Creative souls want and need a special place for recording and decoding their interior world—a place to download all their creative ideas, a place to remember the events of the day, or a place to doodle, to draw, and to dream. A black journal or sketchbook is ideal for all these people—it's an engaging and intimate glimpse into the personal pages of a wide variety of select artists and journal keepers whose works not only provide visual delight and inspiration but evidence Doodle Sketch with Pen Frances Osborne Austin TXthe intensity and devotion that such personal journals invite.

Sketchbooks provide a safe space for exploration 

Drawing with pencil, pen, or brush on paper isn’t just for artists. For anyone who actively exercises the brain, doodling and drawing are ideal for making ideas tangible. What’s more, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodlers find it easier to recall dull information (even 29 percent more) than non-doodlers, because the latter are more likely to daydream.

“You can use doodling as a tool ... to change your physical and neurological experience, in that moment.”

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Doodling is actually an art form, despite having done it mindlessly or unconsciously. They may be simple drawings that have concrete representational meaning, or just abstract shapes that mean nothing at all. Apart from being a result of a bored student, doodles are also often produced during long telephone conversations, if the speaker has access to a pen and paper.

Sketchbooks are your storage of ideas!

A sketchbook is not meant to be a portfolio of finished artworks. A sketchbook is a place to work things out, think things through, try out new techniques, experiment

Why you should keep a sketchbook!

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