Watercolor Distalfink by Frances Osborne Doodles & Design - Is That the Key For Web Design?

By Mark A. Abrahams | Submitted On February 04, 2009

All those cute little doodles and colorful designs are great, but is that what makes your web design successful? Just ask any of those that spent hours on the design of their website or hundreds of dollars to have a spruced up site? They will quickly tell you that the designs and special little art work is not the only reason for the success of the site, in fact many of these business owners had to learn it the hard way. Looking great is important and a site must be aesthetically pleasing, but it must also incorporate tools and other facts that bring people to the site. Without a good marketing campaign the site can be as colorful and pretty as possible, but without traffic and revenue it won't stay that way long.

A web design should be one that looks good and draws visitors, but also has internet marketing campaigns built in. A well designed site is one where the visitor, customer or prospect is unaware of the fact that they are even being marketed too. The keyword rich articles and other pay per click advertising that may have landed them on the site is soon forgotten when their attention is drawn by another part of the site. Keeping the attention of the visitor and ensuring that their interest is peaked is the most important part of any advertising plan.

So to sum it up a web design should be one that is catchy, and maybe even those fancy little doodles as well as designs. Just make sure that the marketing is also well carried out and the site will succeed much faster!

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