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Doodling for the Drawing Challenged

By Karen Bellamy | Submitted On August 02, 2007

Do you like the look of doodling on scrapbook layouts but you are hopeless at driving a pencil? Me too. My doodles do not have that graceful free flowing look that I admire in the magazines. More like the drunken rambling of an inebriated spider with a Texta tied to his leg.

Here's a tip that you might find useful.

Find a piece of fabric or clothing that incorporates something in its design that you could use as a doodle on your layout. Lay a sheet of acetate (the sort used for overhead presentations in offices) over the fabric and with a permanent marker pen, trace the part of the design you want to use for your your doodle.

Let the ink dry properly, then cut around the outside of your tracing. The great part of this is that you don't need to cut right up to the edge of your tracing or in the tricky little loops and curls because the acetate will be transparent on your layout so you will only see the doodle.

You can attach your doodle to your layout either by carefully applying a glue stick under the pen marks (so you won't see it from the front) or by incorporating brads into your design and using them to hold your doodle in place. And, unlike with doodles done directly onto the layout, you can play around with the positioning.

You can find things to create your doodles from all over the place. I have made them from such things as part of the design of a tray cloth that my Mother embroidered many years ago. I just used the parts of the design that suited me. I didn't slavishly try to trace all the design as that would have been too busy.

Other sources I have used are: the embroidered pocket on jeans, part of the design from my kitchen tablecloth, patterned shirts,bedlinen, etc.

You can use the doodle you create as a stand alone embellishment or you can add flowers or ribbons to it to dress it up a bit. It looks just great and is so flexible and easy to apply to your layout you'll want to use this technique over and over again.

Karen Bellamy is a digital as well as a traditional scrapbooker from Australia. She writes the Scraps of Mind blog which she describes as:
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