Watercolor Distalfink by Frances Osborne   How Your Doodle Decides Your Personality And Your Mood

By Stewart Wrighter | Submitted On November 15, 2010

Everybody seems to have an artist inside them. Some might choose it as their profession, like church architects, or the ones who deal in assisted living design. However, some might just do some art work for fun.

Moreover, there are many who simply doodle. You might not realize it, but your doodle actually decides the kind of personality you have, and what sort of mood you are going through.

Primarily, it is the size of the doodles. If you draw large doodles that take most of your page, you are likely to be attracted to nature. Moreover, you might also have a reserved personality, but would want to socialize.

Small doodles on a corner of the paper suggest that the person is neat and organized in his/her ways. Because the drawing is placed on a side of the page, it shows that a person does not like wastage and prefers everything in its proper place.

Drawing flowers as your doodles suggest femininity. This is the reason why usually girls are observed to draw flowers while they doodle. Moreover, drawing flowers also suggest that you might be becoming aware of your own personality and waiting to bloom.

As for doodles that present masculinity, they consist of boxes, squares and other three- dimensional objects. Moreover, if you draw boxes, you are likely to have a practical, organized and methodical approach towards different things.

A lot of people also draw trees in their scribbles. A tree symbolizes a person or a thing from the past that you do not happen to forget. Moreover, you might fear insecurity and would want to be protected.

This might be your feeling if your tree is standing alone. If surrounded by flowers, it indicates happiness and love for family.

Some people just draw lines. If these are drawn with a lot of pressure, they represent aggression and apprehension. The pressure is basically that decides your mood. The lighter the pressure, the more peace you have in your mind.

Houses in your drawings symbolize many things. If you draw a plain house that has no doors, windows, curtains or smoke coming out of the chimney, you are very likely to be gloomy about something in your life. You might feel lonely and would want to talk to someone at the moment.

On the other hand, if you have drawn a big house, with flowers and a garden around it, you are likely to be happy. Moreover, you might be materialistic; and like big houses, extravaganza and luxuries.

Some also draw tall and thin houses. These suggest a critical mind. These people do not show an open-minded approach towards different things.

Other common objects are:

• Arrows: They show people who are aggressively ambitious.

• Stars: People who draw clustered stars are irrepressibly romantic.

• Zigzags: They show discomfort in life that one might want to escape.

• Eyes: They may be drawn by people who want to be attractive. Many drawn at once suggest that the person feels to be watched by someone.

• Dots: Exhibit anxiety and instability.

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