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By Reginald Wellington | Submitted On December 21, 2009

If you are like me you have notebooks filled with doodles. I have often wondered if I should keep my doodles or just through them out. Thanks to the internet, blogs and social networking sites, your doodles can be shared with anybody. All it takes is a camera.

To take a good picture of your doodles you should switch to the Macro mode of your camera. This allows better quality pictures of close up things, like your sheet of paper. I also recommend turning off the flash. The flash can cause the picture to be way too bright. You can use a normal point and shoot camera or your camera phone.

The next step is to upload the pictures to your computer. You can do this in a variety of ways depending on your camera or phone. Now here is where the fun starts. You can create an online gallery of your doodles at sites like Flickr and post the link on your Facebook or MySpace page. Another great option is to post your best doodles to doodle blogs. Simply email your doodles and they will be posted in the near future. It is a fun way to share and appreciate doodles from all over the world.

Everybody seems to doodle. Whether it be in notebooks, on post-its, or even your shoes. Thanks to technology you can now share your doodles with the world. Web blogs also allow you to see other doodles from creative doodlers. It is a fun past time that I really enjoy. Keep on doodling!

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