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Top 6 Tips on How to Doodle for the Most Fun

By Karen Pasqualucci | Submitted On May 30, 2011

I am a doodler! I always have been and probably always will be. In my doodling career I have learned some useful tips. I thought perhaps it may be helpful to pin them down here. They certainly helped me.

Doodle Tip 1:

Have fun! This is not a serious thing and no-one will be harmed if you are not perfect. Just let yourself go and be delighted by what your hand produces!

Doodle Tip 2:

Aim to add an idea to your doodle with the patterns you choose. For instance I once drew a skull (very scary) but filled it with little hearts and flower patterns (very twee). The juxtaposition entertained me. I went looking for it and found it. So here it is:

Doodle Tip 3:

Doodle on good paper. Every now and then, you will create a masterpiece. It will be a real pity if it is in the margin of the telephone book!

"But I doodle when I am on the phone," you say. So keep a clean pad of good paper near you always!

I mean always! I have several: on my desk, in my purse, by my bed and in the car!

Doodle Tip 4:

If a pristine white page is sitting there terrifying you, just close your eyes and draw a squiggle on it. Now it is "ruined". It can only get better from here on in. This is a great way to fake out your own mind. It is only the chatter inside your head that says the page has to turn out to be a masterpiece - ignore your mind and enjoy the process!

Doodle Tip 5:

Try doodling with really skinny markers. Try some that are 1.0, 0.5, 0.3 and even 0.1 It is very interesting how the different thicknesses produce very different feelings when you draw. You get to play and figure out which one suits you best today.

Doodle Tip 6:

Play the scribble game. Get someone to just do a simple scribble on a piece of paper for you. Then you take it back and turn it about until the image appears to you. You can add a level of fun, by getting them to name a creature, say a dog or elephant or fish, and then you have to find a way to turn the scribble into that!
Have heaps of fun doodling today!

If you have any ideas that will help me and our fellow doodlers to relax, enjoy and get an outcome they love more often - please let me know! Email me or comment at the Doodle Meanings blog.

Karen Pasqualucci is the founder of http://www.DoodleMeanings.com She is a passionate lifelong learner and doodler. Find out what your doodles mean at http://www.Doodlemeanings.com/doodle-meanings-guide and submit your doodle in the doodle challenge!

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