About Frances Osborne Austin TX

I am a big personality in a small package! I have a very dry sense of humor and if I can make a pun, I will !!
My child is about to go off to college and so I figure it's time for me to get in on some of life's action!
I never stopped loving to learn and love to know new things.
I like meditation music, folk music, rock and roll, classical music (love the cello, love baroque, Renaissance, also early music from the Middle Ages -- i.e. example would be the Texas Early Music Project or Anonymous 4)
I would love to explore some of the sites in the Hill Country with someone.
I own a pottery wheel and my own kiln.
I frequent the YMCA (walking the track, pilates, barre fit, elliptical)
I am a member of a yoga studio (tend to attend the yin yoga classes)
I have several stacks of books on my bedside table.
 I'm also a cat lover. Warning: I am a thrall to my three cats. I am not my own person. They have seized the house and all its contents; plus, they have enslaved the human inhabitants to perform menial service-oriented tasks for their sakes'!!!
I am NOT a night owl. I wish I was, but I have never been one. I've always been a kind of "early to bed, early to rise" kind of person.
So my peak activity hours are the daytime hours, especially the afternoon --- as the sun is at its brightest during these hours, so am I.

Ideal First Date
I like the infamous meet for coffee or lunch date. It's a cliche, I know....but it works, right? Does it work? If it doesn't, say so. I think the point is being somewhere where we can talk, hear each other, get a good sense of each other. I'm an introvert with good social skills which translates to: I love socializing, love people, don't mind crowds as long as they are small, but if we meet in a quieter locale, then I am less distracted and more focused. Loud, noisy, overcrowded places drain me. I do best one-on-one or in small groups.

A good suggestion for a first date might be lunch or snacks at Baker St Bar and Grill on South Lamar. They have 2 pool tables. Warning: I'm not really a pool player. I can generally hit the ball but it rarely goes into the pocket. If lunch and a quick game of really bad pool playing appeals to you, I'd be up for that. To me, the pool playing is just an activity.... :) You may not want me to break (not good at it at all). Periodically, you will have to remind me whether I'm supposed to aim at the stripes or the solids! :)

One thing I know I would love to have company for is some of the $6 - 6 pm live shows at Strange Brew in South Austin.

Another suggestion for a first date would be going to one of the Farmers' Markets in South Austin. There's one at Barton Creek Mall and one at the Toney Burger Center --- both are on Saturdays. I'd love to go to one of the others around town, but the two that I've mentioned are close to me and I've been to them.

I love Paint Nites. No, I am NOT a painter at all. I'm pretty bad at it. But it's fun. And I do see couples having a date with each other during Paint Nite and I think it's sweet. So, honestly, if you were interested in doing that with me (not necessarily the first date, maybe a later date), I would be seriously impressed that you would be willing to do that with me!

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