Knitting with Needles

How to Block an Acrylic Item by the "Killing" Method

Things You'll Need:

Kitchen or tea towel The opening up of the lace during the killing process is apparent


Wash the item that you want to block/kill. You can either wash and spin in a washing machine, or handwash and gently squeeze the excess water out with a towel.


Lay a clean towel down on a bed or a blocking board. Using all metal pins, pin the item into the desired shape on top of the towel. More pins may be needed to open up lace patterns properly


Wet a kitchen or tea towel and wring it out so it's damp. Set your iron to the steam setting and allow it to heat.


Lay the kitchen towel over the acrylic item and place the iron over it for 5-10 seconds. Pick the iron up and move it over to the next spot on the kitchen towel. Do not slide the the iron across the towel, pick it up and move it. Continue ironing until your kitchen towel is nearly dry. For a larger item you will need to rewet your kitchen towel and continue on until the entire item has been steamed.


Turn off the iron. Leave your acrylic item pinned in place and allow it to air dry. Remove the pins when dry.

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