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Brown capelet

Easy Poofy Capelet

 Capelets are related to ponchos - they're essentially knit like a simple circular yoke, only you don't have the hassle of attaching the sweater :-). This one is really a poof, goes fast as the wind and feels like a soft warm cloud when you're done! It's the winter version of our lacey capelet. It's completely reversible, although the wonderful texture of the yarn doesn't show much else, we can hardly tell one side from the other. This based on the yokes of circular sweaters pioneered by Elizabeth Zimmermann in the 60s.

Level of difficulty


Finished measurements

M-L: 23" (58cm) around the neck. 50" (125cm) at the bottom edge. 14" (36cm) high.
XL-2X: 24" around the neck. 54" at the bottom edge. 15" (38cm) high.
3X-4X: 25" around the neck. 58" at the bottom edge. 16" (30cm) high.



On stockinette, 4 ½ st = 4" (10cm).


Medium-large, (XL-2X, 3X-4X).


Cast on 22 (23, 24) stitches, join the circle.
Do 3 rows of seed stitch: (k1 p1)*, repeat till end of row.
Knit circularly in stockinette till height reaches 2"/5cm (2 ½"/6cm).
Brutally increase, evenly all around in a single row: (k2 inc 1)*. For larger sizes, 3X and above, increase more: (k2 inc 1, k2 inc 1, k1 inc 1)*.
Knit again in plain stockinette for another 2" (2 ½"), till total height is 4"/10cm (5"/13cm).
Do another row of increases: (k2 inc 1)*. For larger sizes, 3X and above, increase more: (k2 inc 1, k2 inc 1, k1 inc 1)*.
Then knit in plain stockinette till total height is about 1½" less than intended length.
Knit another 3 rows in seed stitch (k1 p1)*. (if you have an even number of stitches, add one at end of first row to make row transition mindless.)
Bind off very loosely.
Work in ends with yarn needle.


Matching arm warmers We also added a set of matching arm warmers, for the circulation-challenged among us.

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