Knitting with Needles

Duduza (Comfort) Dolls Pattern



4 ply wool, various colors in small amounts. For stuffing use any washable stuffing material.

double-pointed needles size 4 (or any size that will give you a snug stockinette stitch to stand up

to stuffing. Yarn needle.

CAST on 32 sts on 3 or 4 needles. (Which ever number you are comfortable with for working in the round.)

Knit 4 rows in brown yarn.

Change colors for pants. Knit 16 rows.

Change colors for belt. Knit two rows.

Change color for sweater. Knit 14 rows, decreasing four sts evenly across last row.

Change color to brown for face. Knit 10 rows.

Change color for cap. Knit two rows in garter stitch for border.

Decrease as follows:

Row 1: (Knit 4, k 2 tog) x 4, knit 4 (24 sts). Alternate rows: Purl.

Row 3: (Knit 3, K 2 tog) x 4, knit 4 (20 sts).

Row 5: (Knit 2, k 2 tog) x 4, knit 4 (16 sts).

Row 7: (Knit 1, k 2 tog) x 4, knit 4 (12 sts).

Row 8: (Purl 2 tog) across row.

Thread remaining sts onto needle and sew up cap.

Thread a yarn needle and gather thread through the last row of sweater stitches and, after stuffing head,

pull up tightly for neck, finishing off securely.

Run the “tail” thread through last row of feet. Stuff body and pull gathering thread tightly, finishing off well.

Thread “tail” yarn at bottom of doll and use to divide feet. Finish off other foot in same way.

Define legs by sewing through all thicknesses from feet towards belt, finishing off 2 rows from belt.

Define arms in same way starting 2 rows from neck and continuing two rows past belt.

Embroider face as desired to give your doll character.

Black yarn may be added to make a girl; braids or embroidered around back of head and along front

edge below hat.

Lightly stuff with stuffing material (we want these to be huggable.)

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