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 Loom Knitting:
An ancient and easy way of knitting without needles.


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Loom Knitting: Just Why is it so popular right now?

What are knitting looms? (1)

What are knitting looms? (2)

How to Make Your Own Loom Very Inexpensively

Different Kinds of Weaving Looms

Blocking Basics For Beginners

What Are Knifty Knitters?

What Can I Do with Loom Knit Items?

Spool Knitting

Knitting without Needles 

How to Use the Knifty Knitter

A Guide to Loom Knitting

Essential Loom Knitting Instructions

How to Convert a Knitting Pattern to a Loom

Knifty Knitter Loom Knitting System
The Revival of Knitting Looms

Kinds of Knitting Looms

Round Knitting Looms

Knitting Loom Sock Sizing Knitting Chart


Stitch Tutorials

Simple Stitch

Mock Crochet 


Bind Off 

Drawstring Caston

Braid Stitch


Helpful Hints
Knitting Stitch and Bind Off Instructions 
Ribbed Stitch 
Alternated Ribbed Stitch



Loom Knitting
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Getting Started on the Round Loom

Free  Pdf Patterns 
Arellis Bracelet
Autumn Skullcap
Baby Blanket

Ball Ornament
Basket Weave Placemats
Belle Angel
Bellita Mitts
Blessed Bunting

Bloomin' Bookmarks
Bright Bells
Bright Stars

Bunny Wabbit

Bunny Pattern
Candy Corn Treats
Candy Canes
Candy Corn Bag
Classic Stripes Scarf
Loomylicious Cupcake

Dog Sweater
Double Hearts

Draft Catcher
Dragonfly Baby Bib
Easter Eggs
Essentials Pouch
Felted Roses
Garter Stitch Scarf and Mitts

Jelly Bean Basket

Knifty Xmas Bells

Lacy Scarflet

Lg Xmas Stocking

Loomed Egg Cozy

Loomy Frosty Friend


Stocking Ornament

Knit A Hat On A Loom In 4 Easy Steps  

Mock Cable Dishcloth

Mini Ice Cream Cones

Mini Xmas Wreaths

Mini Scarflet

Mini Wreath

Mock Cable Dishcloth

Mock Cable Hat


Nyah Poncho

Pearly Satchel

Pinwheel Dischcloth


Pom Pom Socks

Pumpkin Hat

Pumpkin Treat Bag

Rowan Handbag


Schooner Socks

Short Row Snowflake

Snowflake Angel

Stripey  Hat

Super Scarf

Swiffer Cover

Tiny Sock

Tommy Turkey Hat

Toddler T-Top

Tulip Socks

Victorian Lace Ornament



Free Patterns

How to Make A Baby Blanket

Slippers and purse and poncho

How to Make a Comfort Doll

How to Loom Knit Baby Mittens

Baby Socks: A Loom Knit Pattern

How to Knit Baby Booties from Squares

Baby Bootie Pattern 1

Baby Bootie Pattern 2

Baby Bootie Pattern 3

Loom Knit Mermaid Baby Pattern

Seamless IPod Cozy

Craft for Teens: Funky Scarf

Mauve Dog Sweater

Hooded Scarf

Mr. Bee Happy

Santa Claus Doll

How to Knit a Flat Panel on a Knitting Loom

Candy Bowl

3 Wrist Warmer Patterns

Simple Loom Knit Slippers

EZ Knifty Knitter Socks

EZ Headband

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Knifty Knitter Octopus

How to Make A Knifty Knitter Hat

Granny Squares

Granny Square Hat and Glove

Easy Loom Knit Adult Mittens

Super Bulky Ribbed Toe-Up Socks

How to Loom Knit a Beret

Knifty Knitter One Loom Mitten

Loomed Baby Set

Simple Slipper Project

Simple Loom Knit Slippers

Olivia's Slippers

Loom Knit Prayer Shawl

Slouchy Hat #1

Slouchy Hat #2

Slouchy Hat #3

Slouchy Hat #4

Loom Knit Granny Round

One Loom Mitten

Loom Knitting a Baby Hat

    The Pattern 

    Casting on 


    Binding off 

Knitting Loom Patterns Sites

knitting pattern central

 the loom room

bev's country cottage 

Knifty Knitter


Buy a Knitting Loom

The Knitting Board Company

 CinDWood Crafts 

Genuine Knifty Knitter Round Loom Set with 4 Looms, Hook & Bag

Loops & Threads® Knit Quick™ Knitting Loom Set

Loops & Threads® Knit Quick™ Long Loom Set

Loops & Threads® Knit Quick™ Sock Loom

Martha Stewart Crafts® Knit & Weave Loom Kit

Darice Easy Knitting Round-Loom Set, Neon

Circle Knitting Loom Set

Boye Round Loom Set

Boye Long Loom Set

Kiss Looms


Newsletters and Blogs

The Loomknitter's Circle (newsletter)

The Purling Sprite (Isela Phelps's blog)

Loomknitting (Anne Bipes's blog)

Loom Lady

Gettin' It Pegged

Loom Knitting and Something Else

Linda's Loom Room

Cre8tive KJ's Corner 



Red Heart Loom Knitting Made Easy



How to Make an I-Cord
I-Cord Ideas

Icord Flower Bracelet

Icords On A Knitting Loom

How to Loom Knit an Icord

Icord Projects

Magicord Baby Afghan

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