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African Knit Doll
(duduza doll, comfort doll)


knifty knitter snowman

This is a comfort doll I knitted over the summer of 2008. I really love it. I got the idea from Bev's Country Cottage, but this is where she got the idea.  These dolls are also called "duduza" dolls --- apparently, duduza is a Zulu word meaning "comfort." The pattern at is for needle knitting, but I made my on my Knifty Knitter blue circle loom out of yarn scraps. Here is a pattern for knitting/crochet: comfort doll pattern. I knitted my comfort doll on the blue Knifty Knitter loom, worsted weight acrylic yarn, using the one over two strands method. They are about 7 inches long. The hats were made separately, also on the knifty knitter blue loom.

To make this kind of doll on a knifty knitter loom, you use the drawstring cast on which allows you to cinch it closed and then you use the hat drawstring cast off to cinch the other end closed. Before casting off, you will want to stuff the snowman with fiber fill. To Cast off: Cut your yarn if you are working from a full skein, leaving about two feet of yarn attached to the loom. Thread your yarn needle and use it to pick all the loops off the pegs (there should be only one loop per peg when you do this). Pull the yarn tightly and suddenly you will have a hat shape.

Want to knit or crochet your own African knit doll? How to Make a Comfort Doll
This is a loom knit snowman that I knitted on my blue Knifty Knitter loom, much on the same principle as the comfort doll. His "scarf" is an I-cord knit on a small loom knitter.

This is the Knifty Knitter Snowman Pattern.

Here is the Loomed Snowman Pattern at our site

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