knitting loom How to Make Alternated Ribbed Stitches on a Knifty Knitter Loom
By HS Schulte
The alternated ribbed stitch is one of many Knifty Knitter stitches that can be made on the loom. It is quick and easy to make alternated ribbed stitches on a Knifty Knitter loom once the pattern of wrapping the loom is mastered. Ribbed stitches are common knitting stitches used on the cuffs of sweaters or rim of a bag to create a finished look. Alternated ribbed stitches are a slight variation of the common ribbed knitting stitches.

Alternated ribbed stitches follow the same steps as ribbed stitches, but then the knitter changes directions on the Knifty Knitter loom for a few rows. Switching back, creates the appearance of rings in the finished knit. It makes a decorative stitch for a knit blanket. Both knitting stitches, ribbed and alternated ribbed stitch directions are explained below.

Ribbed Stitches on the Knifty Knitter

Ribbed stitches are created on the Knifty Knitter loom by wrapping the loom in a back and forth pattern and then knitting off the loom.

Begin by securing a slip knot on the left lower peg of the rectangle Knifty Knitter loom.

Stretch the yarn up to the opposite side of the loom and wrap the peg above it in a counterclockwise motion.

Stretch the yarn to the peg immediately on the right and wrap this peg in a counterclockwise motion also.

Stretch the yarn to the peg immediately below and wrap it. The yarn should always be wrapped with the top of the cursive letter "e" facing outward on the loom.

Stretch the yarn to the peg immediately to the right. Continue this pattern of wrapping the loom until you reach the end of the loom, or the pegs have been wrapped to the desired width of the knit.

Duplicate the exact pattern with the yarn tracing the same path, back across the Knifty Knitter loom.

Once you have 2 rows wrapped, knit off lifting the bottom loop over the lop loop.

Wrap the Knifty Knitter loom again and continue knitting off to make rows of ribbed stitches.

Alternated Ribbed Stitches on the Knifty Knitter Loom

To create alternated ribbed stitches on the Knifty Knitter loom, change directions while wrapping. The loom is still wrapped in pairs, two top pegs, two bottom pegs, etc. However, in the ribbed stitch you started by pulling the yarn across the loom, this time start by going to the side.

The pegs still need to be wrapped with the outside of the cursive "e" facing outward. Where the loom was once wrapped across the yarn now stretches inward. Where the yarn once stretched inward, it now stretches across the Knifty Knitter loom.

Continue this pattern of wrapping across the loom until all the pegs have been wrapped.

Knit one row, then switch back to knitting ribbed stitches by using the normal ribbed stitch wrapping pattern. Some Knifty Knitter patterns call for several rows of alternated ribbed stitches to be made before switching back to the normal ribbed stitch. Follow the Knifty Knitter pattern instructions.

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