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How to Knit Baby Booties from Squares

by Crystal Kennedy

Whether you needle knit, loom knit, crochet, weave, or do another craft, baby booties are a quick and useful project to start with. If there are no babies in your family or circle of friends, you can always make them and donate them to a local charity. Or you can keep them to show off! Below you will find directions for making baby booties out of squares. You can use these instructions regardless of your craft. You'll end up with booties that look a little like sneakers or baby shoes, with flat bottoms instead of the floppy or sock-like booties babies often wear.


Loom, needles, hook, or your craft supplies of choice
Small amount of baby or worsted weight yarn in the color or colors of your choice
Large-eye blunt yarn needle

Bootie Instructions

1. Make six 3.5-inch squares. This will make booties to fit a newborn. For a baby who is three months old, make 4-inch squares, and make 4.5-inch squares to make booties for a 6-month-old baby.

In most crafts, you'll need to make a gauge swatch first, so you know how many stitches to cast on, chain etc. Since these are general instructions, the specifics for each craft are not included. But making a gauge swatch doesn't take long and is a good habit to start, in any case.

If you're loom knitting or needle knitting the booties, use garter stitch. If you're crocheting them, work in single crochet. And if you're weaving them, such as on a Hazel Rose Loom, weave a 2/2 twill. You can also experiment with other stitch patterns. The only important thing to remember is that each piece must be a perfect square, or the booties won't fold properly.

2. Lay two squares on top of each other. Using matching yarn, whip-stitch or crochet the squares together, creating a double-thick fabric. This fabric will become the bottom and toe of one bootie.

3. If you want your booties to have a tie, knit, spool knit, braid, or crochet a chain as long as you want the tie to be. You could also use a piece of ribbon. Set it aside. If you don't want a tie, move on to step 4.

4. Fold a third square into a triangle. If you made a tie, center it on the inside of the triangle, along the folded edge. Whether you have a tie or not, whip-stitch or crochet along the two open sides of the triangle. This double-thick triangle will become the cuff of one bootie.

5. Fold three corners of the double-thick square into the center, and sew them in place. Leave the fourth corner alone. You now have a piece that looks like an open envelope.

6. The fourth corner will match up with the sewn corner of the double-thick triangle. In other words, the triangle will be the front and cuff of the sneaker-bootie. Sew this seem to anchor the front in place.

7. Because you made perfect squares, the seams at the sides of the bootie foot will match up as well. Sew the sides of the square and the sewn sides of the triangle together to finish off the first bootie. Weave in any loose ends.

8. Make another bootie! Then, find a cute baby to model them. If you made a tie, the booties will tie in the back, rather than the front.

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