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"Mr. Bee Happy" Knifty Knitter Flower Loom Pattern

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Copyright 2009 by Jennifer Coldren

Mr. Bee Happy Bumble Bee for Knifty Knitter Flower Loom by Jennifer Coldren. Personal use only. Copyright 2009. This cute little bee stitches up fast on the Knifty Knitter flower loom in one piece. The only requirement is that you know how to gather like you do with a hat on the loom. The finished bee measures 5" tall by 3" wide when completed

Supplies Needed
Red Heart yarn in bright yellow and black
KK Specialty Flower Loom
Hot Glue Gun
3 black fuzzy pipecleaners
Quilter's batting or polyfil
Wiggly eyes
Black foam sheet
Lace trim on a roll called rosette
Small scissors and ruler

I glued the pegs on my Knifty Knitter flower loom with E6000 Transparent glue before I started, and let them dry over night. This is optional but makes it easier so they don't fall out while looming.


Starting with the yellow yarn ewrap around the loom so there is 6 loops on every peg. Don't wrap too tightly or you will never be able to get this to work. You will take the two bottom loops and yarn over the other 4, you will have 4 loops left on each peg. This is row one and called 2 over 4.

Wrap the pegs so you have 6 loops always on the loom. Do 2 over 4 for 15 rows. You will now have 4 loops left on every peg take the working yarn from the skein and cut with scissors leaving a 2 inch tail.


Take the black yarn end and tie into the yellow tail double knotting it, wrap loom so there is 6 loops, 4 yellow and 2 black on every peg. Yarn over 2 over 4. This is row 1 in black. Do this five more times. Cut black yarn leaving a 2 inch tail.

Take the yellow yarn and tie into the black tail making sure to double knot it. Wrap around the loom so there is 4 black and 2 yellow on each peg. Yarn over 2 over 4. Do this again for 5 more rows.

You will now have 4 loops on every peg, yarn over 2 over 2, leaving just 2 loops on every peg. Take the needle that came with the Knifty Knitter regular looms thread a long piece of yellow yarn and go through the loops like you would to gather a hat at the end that isn't on the loom. This is the bee's head. Pull on yarn strings tight to close that end. Fill with quilter's batting and take a string of yellow yarn and tie around the bottom of the head tightly.

Once the head is secure start filling up the body of the bee still on the loom, when you get close to the end stop. Now take another long piece of yellow yarn and the needle and go through all loops on the loom picking up both loops at one time. Pull all loops off of loom at once with string, pull on ends to close but leave a bit of a hole so you can add more quilter's batting. Tie end shut by double knotting it. This completes the body form of the bee.

Antennas and Legs

Cut 8 pieces of black pipe cleaner 3 inches long this is for the legs and antenna. Glue the antennas on the bee's head and bend the pipe slightly forward. Take scrap pipe and wrap around edge of scissors three times to make a pom pom. Glue on top of the antennas. Now glue the legs on with glue gun, make sure that bottom legs are touching to keep bee upright in a sitting position. You will have to bend the pipe to make him look right.

Face of Bee

Glue wiggly eyes on face with hot glue. Cut a smile out of black foam and glue on. Where the string is around the bee's neck I hot glued a strip of glue on the string and pushed the bees head down towards the body to hide the string and make him look more like a bee.

Wings of Bee

Cut two 7 inch long pieces of the lace rosette fold in half and glue the end along the edge together to make the wings of the bee. Glue into place on the center of the back of the bee's body. Overlap the other wing and glue into place. You have now completed your Mr. Bee Happy Bumble Bee. Isn't he just so cute? Hope you enjoyed the free pattern.

Numerous Photos of finishing the bumble bee and what it will look like on the loom can be found here.

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