knitting loom Knifty Knit a Candy Bowl
by Pamela Murrey

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I've really been having fun with the blue knifty knitter loom. These looms are sold by and at many craft retailers. I've always loved to crochet because it gives me an opportunity to design with yarn. Now I've found that I can design by loom, too. With the holidays coming up I've focused on gifts and decorations related to Christmas. My latest discovery is how to knit a candy bowl. Here's the pattern I made up. It's quick and easy.

Two partial skeins of 3 ply yarn will work for this project. You need two colors of yarn, just small amounts. You'll also need a large bead or a small Styrofoam ball and a large eyed needle. The bowl may take less than 20 minutes if you're really quick. I took about 30 minutes as I designed it.

When you tie your yarn onto the loom leave a reasonably long tail hanging loose. Wrap all the pegs of the blue Knifty Knitter loom. Knit 5 rows. With the large eyed needle and one strand of the loose tail from the beginning of the project sew the first row closed . This will create a flat round piece inside the loom, with a small hole in the middle. Cut the remaining thread. Return to your knitting. For an open candy bowl knit 3 more rows. Knit off all stitches in row 4.

For a lidded candy bowl continue knitting for 5 more rows after creating the bottom of the bowl. Knit all the stitches off in row 6. You may have to smooth out your circle to create the bowl effect. Then fold two rows down on the outside of the bowl.

With the blue loom wrap all the pegs again. Knit 4 rows. Cut your yarn, leaving a long tail. With one strand of the tail and the large eyed needle pick all the stitches off. Pull the thread tightly but neatly to make the last row close up into the middle of the project. Sew a bead or Styrofoam ball in the circle to create a lid. For the open bowl or lidded bowl remember to weave in all loose yarn, like the remaining strands of the tails. Fill your dish with candy.

Plan to make up a few of these for your holidays. You can use bright holiday colors for decorations or basic colors to give the dishes as gifts. This may be a good "secret Santa" gift or stocking filler. I hope you enjoy.

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