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How to Make Mittens From a Knitting Loom
(easy loom knitting pattern)
by Shannon Lee
Make warm and cozy mittens with a knitting loom!

Knitting looms are a way to experience knitting without the trappings of traditional knitting notions. Almost anything that can be made on knitting needles can be made on knitting looms, and mittens are no exception. The loom method allows you to make your own mittens, using any color or type of yarn that you would like--a project that would be somewhat advanced if using needles. While the technique is suitable for beginners, you should be familiar with loom-knitting terms and wrapping the loom to successfully complete a pair of mittens.

You can easily make these mittens bigger or smaller by changing the weight of your yarn or knitting more or fewer rows. The pattern as written will fit a ladies small.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things you'll need:
18-peg mitten knitting loom
2 balls of yarn
Scrap yarn
Yarn needle


1 Loop two strands of yarn around your loom pegs, using an "e-" wrap. To work an "e"-wrap, wrap the yarn counterclockwise around the pegs. As you wrap, your yarn will cross itself; make sure these crosses happen on the interior edge of the loom, not the exterior. Your wraps should look like an up side down "e" when finished. Repeat, so that you have two sets of "e"-shaped loops, each with two strands of yarn.

2 Knit the first set of loops over the second set of loops. Continue this method to wrap and knit for 19 rows.

3 Begin working the thumb by removing your yarn from the first and second pegs on the loom. These will be live stitches--hold them by threading a short piece of scrap yarn through them with your yarn needle. You will come back to them later.

4 Wrap the first and second pegs (the ones you just removed the live thumb stitches from) two times each--using the same "e" configuration--then continue with a single "e" wrap on each of the other pegs.

5 Knit these wraps as before. Continue to wrap and knit for 15 rows.

6 Remove the stitches from the loom by threading your yarn needle with matching yarn, and bringing it through all the loops on the pegs. Gently pull the stitches off the pegs, and pull the thread tightly to close the open hole. Weave in the yarn ends.

7 Begin working the thumb. Wrap your stitches around the thumb loom (included on or with your mitten loom) in the same manner as the rest of the stitches. Knit the stitches. Wrap and knit this way for 10 rows.

8 Remove the thumb from the loom using the same method as you used to remove the main body of the mitten from the loom.

9 Flip the main body of the mitten inside out. Leave the thumb right side out. Place the thumb inside the thumb hole so that the right sides of the mitten and the thumb are touching. Remove the waste yarn, and sew the thumb to the thumb hole using a whip stitch. Turn the completed mitten right side out.

10 Repeat the process to create your second mitten.
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