knitting loom How to Knit a Flat Panel on a Loom
by Jennifer Uhl
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Things You'll Need:

Large gauge long knitting loom with at least 24 pegs
Crochet hook in either J or K size
Loom hook tool
Yarn in color and weight of your choice
Tapestry needle

How to Knit a Flat Panel on a Loom

Step 1
Cast on by creating a slip knot approximately 6 inches from the yarn's end, placing the loop on the first peg. Move the slip knot to the first peg, inserting the crochet hook into the loop on peg 1. Use the crochet hook to catch the working yarn pulling it through the loop hooked over peg 1, and place the loop that you just created on peg 2. Repeat these steps until you have created a loop of yarn on every peg across the entire loom.
Step 2
Complete the set up for the next row of knitting. Wrap the yarn around the last peg that you created a loop for when casting on, so that there are 2 full loops on the peg. Continue wrapping the yarn around each peg until you reach the other end of the flat loom.
Step 3
Begin on the end of the loom where the working yarn is, taking the bottom loop on peg 1 with the hook tool and gently lifting it up over the top loop and over the top of the peg so that it falls off of the loom, leaving only a single loop behind on peg 1. This is your standard knit stitch.
Step 4
Complete the knit stitch for each peg until you reach the end of the loom.
Step 5
Repeat this same process again by wrapping each of the pegs with the working yarn and then performing the knit stitch by lifting the bottom loop over the top loop and dropping it off of the loom as you go. You should repeat this process as many times as you like, until the flat panel has reached the desired length.
Step 6
Bind off using the flat removal method by putting the last loop on peg 2 onto peg 1, knitting off of peg 1. Place the remaining loop from peg one on the now empty peg 2, then put the loop on peg 3 onto peg 2, knitting off of peg 2. Repeat this process until there is only a single loop left on the loom. Cut the yarn, leaving approximately 8 inches remaining.
Step 7
Thread the ending yarn onto your tapestry needle. Feed the needle up through the single remaining yarn loop before removing the loop from the loom peg. Then bring the needle under the bind off's first loop, completing the top edge of the chain. Complete the last stitch by feeding the needle through the top of the final loop and then weave the yarn tail in along the inside of the knitting to finish.

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