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 Loom Knit Granny Round


Hello friends! Are you ready to make a Granny Round?!

I'll be making a tutorial on this later but...
If you'd like to try the project here is the pattern

Granny Round by Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses
For Green Round loom or Knifty Knitter 36 peg
Skill Level: Beginner, level up

Uses: Stitch circles together for a funky blanket, use as a base to a cylinder bag, large coaster for large mugs or small plant or a potholder. Many uses! MAKES 1 Solid Circle 6 ½” wide in 3 strands #4 Medium Worsted

You will need:
*3 balls of color (any) med worsted weight if using for potholder use cotton (great for scrap yarn!) OR 1 strand of Super Bulky #6 yarn.
*loom knitting hook
*crochet hook (J or K)
*round 36 peg loom (I used the Knifty Knitter or KK in green for adults)

We will use the E-wrap or Twisted Knit Stitch (also called TBL through the back loop) for all stitches plus 1 row of purl. Feel free to change the stitches and make it your own. I’m keeping it basic but adding the banding for fun and non-curl.
SPECIAL NOTE: Keep your stitches loose.  When wrapping before decrease be loose with your stitches especially if using more than one strand, as it can become to tight to pick off the peg and move.

Abbreviations: KO = Knit off EW = E-wrap P = Purl

1. Cast on to KK with all 3 strands in the E-wrap method or crochet cast on. Place your slipknot on peg 1 and let the tail fall inside the loom. (Weave this in last to edge of circle. Cast on wraps all pegs one time all the way around the loom and then wrap around again. Knit off (KO) which is lifting the bottom 3 loops over the top 3 loops (the 3 strands together at one time over the newly wrapped 3 together or 1 over 1 if using the super bulky yarn). Your cast on row is round 1 or row 1.

2. Row 2: P
3. Rows 3-5: EW

4. We are going to divide our loom visually into 6 sections (6 pegs in each section for a 36 peg loom). In round 1 of this section we will move the 2nd peg loop over to the 1st peg. Do not KO at this time. Move to the next section and do this again. Repeat 5 more times. Now KO. Wrap all remaining pegs again & KO. This completes hat Row 6. (You should have 30 pegs remaining).
5. Now take peg 4 over to peg 3 and wait to KO. Repeat for all sections. KO all 6 pegs. Wrap all remaining pegs & KO. This complete Row 7. (You should have 24 pegs remaining).
6. Now take peg 6 over to peg 5 and wait to KO. Repeat for all sections. KO all 6 pegs. Wrap all remaining pegs & KO. This complete Row 8. (You should have 18 pegs remaining).
7. CAST OFF with draw string method. I don’t use a tapestry needle here but you can. Leave the balls of yarn attached & wrap the loom 2 times all the way around. Cut off the strands from the balls of yarn.
8. Start to the left of the peg where the working yarn is coming out of; Leaving the yarn attached take your working yarn under the loop on the peg & with your loom tool reach under the loop & scoop out the working yarns (like a purl) continue pulling all the extra yarn through the loop. LEAVE the loop on the peg. WEAVING IN THE LOOSE YARNS TO MAKE A DRAWSTRING.
9. Move to the next loop to the left and pull the working yarns through again and leave loop on the peg. Continue until ALL pegs have the working strands woven through, including the beginning loom the strands came out of.
10. Take all loops off of the loom & pull the drawstring. Feed the extra through the top & turn your circle upside down. Using a crochet hook loop the extra through a few spots tying off to secure. Weave the excess.
11. Weave in all loose strands from end (or any color changes made).
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