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Knifty Knit Granny Square Accessories

Loom Knit Fashion Accessories with Granny Squares

by Pamela Murry

Recently I was pleased to find a way of creating granny square like pieces on the knifty knitter looms. But after I produced the squares I wondered what to do with them. I didn't have to ponder long. My first thought was to create a hat and fingerless gloves since winter is coming fast. I used the blue and the green looms, a large eyed needle and three ply yarn. This article assumes you know how to loom knit. Here's how to do these projects.

I created the hat with six squares made on a blue knifty knitter loom and a green loom. I used the pattern I describe in my previous article at associated content to make the six squares. Then I blocked them carefully and sewed them together in a row to create a band. This is not my original idea - I used a fairly common crochet pattern to make this hat. I carefully placed loops from the top of the squares onto the green loom. Each square will cover 8 pegs. All 48 pegs will be used. The placement of the squares will depend on which side of the granny square you want to face out. Then I wrapped all the pegs with the three ply yarn and knitted off the squares. I continued to knit around for 10 rows. Then I lifted the stitches off and drew them together to create the top of the hat. The results was a cute granny style cap.

Then I made 2 granny squares for the fingerless gloves. I set them aside and used the blue loom to knit 20 rounds with the three ply yarn and pulled the stitches from the first row onto the pegs. Then I knitted off row 20. If you want a longer cuff you can knit more rows before bringing up the first row to the pegs. Carefully place 6 stitches of a granny square onto to first 6 pegs, knitting off the stitches as you go along. When you are done the first six pegs of the blue loom will be empty and the granny square will be attached to the fingerless glove. Start knitting flat across the remaining stitches. Knit back and forth for six rows. In row 26 cast off the fourth stitch on the left hand glove and the 14th stitch on the right hand glove. Continue to knit flat for at least six more rows, depending on the length of your hand. Knit off all the stitches. Sew the sides of the granny square to the fingerless glove. That finishes your gloves.

Here are two projects that can be fun and provide cute gifts. I hope you enjoy them.
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