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Easy Loom Knit Headband
by Crystal Kennedy

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A head band is a good project for beginning loom knitters. It's fast, easy, and fun. You're sure to get compliments when you wear it, followed by wide-eyed stares when you tell people you made it yourself!


Large gauge knitting loom with at least 3 pegs. A Knifty Knitter loom is fine for this project. You could even use 3 dowels glued into a piece of wood; that's how versatile this project is.

1 skein super bulky yarn of your choice. This will make several head bands. But if you want to combine colors or work with different materials, including fabric strips, you can use thinner yarn, ribbon, etc.

Loom pick, large-eye blunt yarn needle, and scissors

Stitch Knowledge

E-wrap. Wrap the yarn from left to right around the peg, returning it to the inside of the loom. This stitch looks like E's on the inside of the loom when done correctly.

Flat stitch. Place the working yarn, in the direction you're knitting, over the stitch on the peg. Then, lift the stitch over the working yarn, and let it fall to the inside of the loom.

Purl stitch. Place the working yarn, in the direction you're knitting, under the stitch on the peg. Then, catch the working yarn with your loom pick, pulling it up through the stitch on the peg. Hold this new loop with your fingers, while lifting off the previous stitch. Finally, place the loop you're holding on the peg. This stitch takes some practice, but is easier than it sounds.

Knit off. This means lifting the lower loop on the peg over the upper loop or working yarn. Let the lower loop fall to the inside of the loom.

Increases/decreases (explained in pattern)

Gauge is not important for this project.

Note that this head band is not round. It ties in the back, near the nape of the neck/under the hair.

Loom Knit Head Band Pattern

Head band tie:

Using one strand of super bulky yarn and leaving a tail, place a slip knot on one peg.

Knit this peg 35 times using the flat stitch. (You can adjust the number of flat stitches for a shorter or longer tie.)
Write down how many times you knit this peg. You will need this later.

Increase for head band width:

Increase to three pegs by e-wrapping the peg to the left of the stitched peg, the stitched peg (making two loops on that peg), and the one to the right of the stitched peg.

Knit off the stitched peg.

Head band Length:

Row 1 and all odd rows: flat stitch all three pegs from right to left.
Row 2 and all even rows: Purl all three pegs from left to right.
Continue until the band fits over the person's head, ending around the ears.

Decrease to make second tie:

Place the loop from peg three (the right-most peg) on peg two (the middle peg). Knit off.

Place the loop from peg one on peg two. Knit off. Now you're back to one peg.

Now flat stitch this peg the same number of times you flat stitched the original cast-on peg. This creates the second tie.

Binding off:

Cut the working yarn, leaving a tail. Take this last loop off the loom, and pull the tail through it for a knot.

Using a yarn needle, weave the beginning and ending tails through a few of the flat stitches.

Trim tails if necessary.

Now enjoy your loom knit head band!

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