knitting loom How to Loom Knit a Seamless iPod Cozy

by Geannie M. Bastian

Here's an easy pattern for a loom knit iPod cozy with no seaming required. The sizing is custom fit to your iPod because you can slip the iPod inside the cozy as you knit. This project assumes knowledge of only a few basic techniques, so it's a perfect quick project for beginner loom knitters.

What You'll Need

Pink Knifty Knitter long loom
Knifty Knitter loom clips
Small amount of soft chunky yarn
Medium-small button
Needle & thread for attaching button
Loom tool

Techniques to know

e-wrap stitch in the round
Knitting a flat panel
Binding off a flat panel
Attaching a button

Loom knitting your iPod cozy

1. Attach the first clip at the very end of the loom.

2. Slip your iPod though the center of the loom beside the clip. Place the second clip on the other side of the iPod. This should allow the iPod to fit between the clips closely without being too snug.

3. Tie a slip knot to the peg directly behind the first clip. Working around the loom in a circle, zig zag the yarn around the pegs (go to the inside of peg one, outside of peg 2, etc.) including pegs on the clips and to left and right of the clips. Do not include pegs behind the second clip.

4. After circling the loom once, wrap the yarn around outside of the pegs holding the zig zag yarn.

5. Every other peg should have 2 strands of yarn on the outside. Lift the bottom strands over the top on these pegs.

6. Continue working with the same circle of pegs. E-wrap for about five rows. Untie the slip knot. Pull on that stand of yarn. The space between the loom should close like a drawstring. If the hole doesn't close completely, continue to e-wrap and pull.

7. Once the bottom has closed, continue e-wrapping the pegs until the cozy is long enough to fit your iPod. Slide the iPod in as you knit, to check sizing.

8. Once the cozy is the right size, bind off one side of the loom. This should include the stitches on the clips.

9. On the remaining pegs, knit a flat panel long enough to close over the top of the cozy. Bind off those stitches, and take the cozy off the loom. Weave in both yarn tails. cozy

10. Attach the button to the front of your iPod cozy, near the opening.

11. Insert the iPod and fold the flap over, slipping the button between the stitches on the flap to close. Enjoy your new loom knit iPod cozy.

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