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Knifty Knit a Hanging Jewelry Organizer!
by Pamela Murrey

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Do you scramble in the morning to match your jewelry to your outfit? Try setting it out a day or two in advanced with this hanging jewelry organizer. It's shaped like a dress to hang in your closet. Here's how to make it.

Loom knitting can be as simple or as complicated as you like it. You need to know how to knit in the round and flat, but it's a straight knitting project. For this project you will need two Knifty Knitter looms - one red and one blue. Use two skeins of three ply yarn the color or colors of your choice. You will also need one half of a sheet of plastic canvas, a large eyed needle and two metal rings.

Knit the bodice first. With the blue loom cast onto all the pegs and knit around for 12 rows. In row 13 knit six stitches, knit off the 7th stitch and continue knitting to the 18th stitch. Knit off the 18th stitch and continue knitting. In row 14 knit on all the pegs. Now you have created the arm holes. Continue knitting in the round for 8 rows. Use your large eyed needle to pick off the stitches and tighten them slowly, creating the neck effect. Weave in your tail. Set the top aside.

With the red loom cast stitches onto all the pegs. Knit around for 4 rows. Bring up the stitches from row 1 onto the pegs and knit off row 4, creating a hem. Continue knitting in the round for 12 rows. With your large eyed needle pick off the stitches and carefully sew to the waist of the shirt, creating a flirty skirt effect.

Now make an apron. Continuing with the red loom, cast stitches on every peg and knit back and forth, flat across the 31 stitches for 4 rows. Knit off the first 9 stitches. Knit the rest of the stitches, turn. Knit off the next 10 stitches. Then knit the remaining 12 stitches flat for 14 rows. Knit off all stitches. Fold and sew the apron to create two pockets. Stitch the belt of the apron to the dress. The pockets are for rings or broaches. Insert a square of plastic canvas behind the shirt front and stitch it in. This will allow you to place your earrings and anything with pins on the bodice of the organizer. Attach a ring to the neck of the dress to hang it by. Insert a smaller ring at the belt to hang necklaces and bracelets on.

Now you only have to choose your jewelry and set it out for tomorrow! I hope you enjoy making this nifty jewelry organizer.

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