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Different Kinds of Weaving Looms


Weaving is the process of creating fabrics or textiles. Looms are basically the tools or machines used in the craft of weaving. There are many types of looms from, hand held to the largest and modern looms. They are used to hold warp or twists of threads to retain the proper tension while weaving. Though looms comes in different shapes and size, their functions are all the same.


Handlooms are the early types of looms, used vertically while the warp of the threads is weighted. The warp threads are hanged to a branch of a tree or to a piece of wood and then attached to the ground. The weft threads are pushed manually by hand or sometimes a piece of stick are used and serve as the shuttle.

During the early years, the process is more difficult since the warp thread are raised and lowered one by one. People then use a rod that makes up the shred to speed up the process. It is then easier for weft thread to pass through the warp.


Ground looms are used horizontally. Warp threads are extended with the use of two pegs. This type of loom is more difficult to use since you need to lean over to weave. To solve this problem, they made pit looms where the weaver sits with both legs under the pit. This makes it easier to weave.

Frame looms as the name implies is a box shaped frame made up of several sticks and board attached together in right angles. This type of loom is almost the same as the ground loom but only differs with its size. Frame looms are portable and cheaper compared to other looms. It is sometimes called small loom due to its size. It can be placed on top of the lap of the weaver.


Bow looms are primarily used for slight strips of beading. It is made up of bended wood. Threads are inserted in a piece of wood which has eleven holes. The threads are then connected to the bended wood. This loom has been used by the early Native Americans.


Knitting looms have become popular in the crafting industry. It has been patterned from the frame loom. This looms can produce knitted items with several designs.

A back strap is another type of loom. It is attached to the waist of the weaver while the other end is attached to a fixed object like a door or tree. To adjust tension, the weavers just have to lean back. This type of loom can be rolled and carried around easily.


Power looms are the most convenient looms. It is an automatic loom first introduced in 1745 by Jacques Vaucanson. Another power loom was made in 1785 by Edmund Cartwright. The early power looms use shuttles to function. It was during the 20th century when shuttle-less power looms were developed that made weaving easier and more efficient.


Due to technological advancements, power looms have been improved in terms of production capability, ease of use and functionality. Among them includes the water jet looms, air jet looms and the computer operated looms.


Most of these innovations are used for industrial purposes capable of weaving in less time and more accurate compared to manually operated looms.

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