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Knifty Knitter Loom Knitting System

By Stephen Di | Submitted On November 14, 2009

One of the most satisfying hobbies to take up in the Winter time is knitting. It is all the rage these days, and is becoming quite trendy. Having you own custom knitted sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves, belts, and berets is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Have you ever wondered how to start knitting, but didn't have the experience or know how to do it? Well the Knifty Knitter system by Provo Craft is designed to help anybody learn how to knit right away! The Knifty Knitter is a collection of special looms, projects, and instruction manuals to have anybody up and knitting in no time at all.

Launching you into your first Knifty Knitter pattern project right away, you get to sit down and start knitting as soon as you finish the simple manual. The included looms help simplify the knitting process immensely, doing lots of the stitch counting and complicated patterns for you. Using the step by step guidance, the uniquely designed tools, and the other additional essential elements will get you started on your new hip and warm fashion in no time flat.

From trendy scarves to classy berets, the world of knitting is at your finger tips. Who knows, you could even start your own little craft knitting business and sell your creations to chilly passers by. Your Knifty Knitter patterns are sure to be eye catching and attractive, and your secret is that you hardly had to work at all to get them made! Provo Craft has made simply one of the best knitting systems out there.

There are instructions on how to make simple clothing to very advanced creations and even stuffed animals. Your kids will love their new soft woolen pals, and you can proudly display your knit creations to friends and family. No worrying about tricky knots and hard to remember techniques. The instructions guide you step by step through the whole process.

There are a wide range of Knifty Knitter accessories available as well, from additional looms that help you with different kinds of designs, to new patterns and project manuals to increase your knitting project repertoire.

This knitting system also makes a great gift to the budding artist or knitter. Whether it's their first time picking up the needles, or they have years of experience under their soft fuzzy knit scarves, everybody will appreciate the ease of use and help these looms provide.

Be part of the new wave of knitting fanatics and and pick up your very own Knifty Knitter [http://www.artsncraftsbug.com/knifty-knitter-looms] loom system today. Choose from a variety of Knifty Knitter patterns [http://www.artsncraftsbug.com/knifty-knitter-patterns] and get started knitting your world into a better, warmer, and much more soft place today!

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