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How to Knit an I Cord

An I cord is a long tube of knit used for purse straps, handles, or afghan edging. You can make an I cord using the small 6 peg side of the spool loom. It can also be done using 6 pegs along the edge of a long loom. To make an I cord on the spool loom, simply knit in a continuous spiral until the cord reaches the desired length. To knit an I cord on a long loom, follow these instructions:
  1. Crochet cast on 6 pegs around the end of the loom. (You will have 3 pegs on 1 side, 2 pegs on the other side and 1 end peg wrapped, for a total of 6.)
  2. Pull the working yarn across the loom and loop it around the first peg you cast on. 
  3. Continuing around the loom, e wrap the remaining pegs. 
  4. When all the pegs have 2 loops, knit.
  5. Continue to knit until your I cord reaches the desired length. I will help to tug on the I cord below the loom occasionally.
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