knitting loomWhat Can I Do with Loom Knit Items?

by Crystal Kennedy
Like any other craft or hobby, loom knitting can quickly become an addiction--generally a positive one, but an addiction nonetheless. So, you may be wondering what to do with your mountains of loom knit items. Before you move to create space for more, why not try some of the following ideas to get all those loom knit items off your hands?

1. Choose some for gifts. Hand made gifts are under-rated nowadays. Yes, it takes more time and energy to make a gift than to rush out and grab something. But it also means the gift will be appreciate for the time and energy you put into it. Hand made gifts also offer more customization possibilities. Even something you didn't loom knit for that person specifically will be appreciated, because of the simple fact that you made it. So go through your loom knit stash, and decide what you can give your friends and family as gifts. And just think: You'll be getting rid of things and avoiding the holiday crowds!

2. Sign up for a craft fair. This requires some outlay of money, as spaces are usually rented. However, you could easily find someone to split a space with you. Consider choosing a theme for your booth, and select loom knit items to go along with the theme. It's very rewarding to receive money for your work! To get an idea of pricing, ask in the loom knitting and crafting community. Generally hand made items sell for more than their manufactured counterparts, because they're hand made. You also need to consider the cost of the materials you used, as well as the time it took you to make the item. After pricing a few things, you'll come up with your own formula for price calculations.

3. Donate! There is an endless list of charities that will gladly accept loom knit items. From baby items to children's hats and scarves to mittens and blankets for women's shelters and everything in between, you'll surely be able to find a cause that means a lot to you. Even animal shelters accept pet blankets. You can also ask a local church, community center, hospital--especially the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), rescue mission, or crisis pregnancy center if there's anything they need.

There are many more uses for loom knit items! These are just a few to get you started. Whatever you decide to do, keep crafting and giving to yourself, your family, friends, and others, and you will be rewarded!

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