knitting loom Z Wrap Stitch (Zigzag Mock Crochet)

shawl_1.jpgHere is a new stitch (new to me at least) I found while playing around
with the looms one day. I’ve chosen to call it the Z stitch, or the
Zigzag stitch or the Mock Crochet stitch. I really like the look it
creates and reminds me alot of open weave (basket weave) crochet.

How to Make it:

firstwrap.jpgTo begin, cast on in method you prefer. I would do at least one normal row of ewraps. This shawl is made using a modified Flat Knit Wrap Method. Peg one: Wrap from back (around) to front and knit off.

secondwrap.jpgNext Wrap both the First and 2nd peg, coming around the outside of Peg one. Knit off


thirdwrap.jpgNext Wrap all 3 first pegs. You’ll be working in multiples of 3 from now on.

To recap: You wrapped 1 peg, Knit off, Wrap 2 Pegs, Knit off, Wrap 3 Pegs Knit off.

fourthwrap.jpgThis is the beginning of your pattern. You will continue to wrap like before, except now you will come around the 2nd peg and wrap to the 4th peg. Knit off.

fifthwrap.jpg Continue wrapping, but this time come around the 3rd peg and wrap to the 5th Peg. This pattern repeats, moving a peg over each time. (4th peg to 6th peg — 5th peg to 7th peg and so on)

When you get to the last 3 pegs on your row wrap: Last 3 Pegs, Knit off, Last 2 Pegs Knit off, Last 1 Peg Knit off, and then begin again.

zwrap_1.jpgAs you can see, when you wrap backwards, it creates a Z shape with some of the yarn behind the peg. This is where the name comes from and you should see the Z bar when ever you are doing the pattern. If you don’t, you didn’t wrap backwards.


Edges create a slightly scalloped edge with points. Open loops easy to add a fancy boarder or leave as is.


One Final close up picture. As you can see the bars are joined in between stitches and create a unique basket weave look.

Page created by Frances Osborne Austin Texas