knitting loom Knitting without Needles
by Jan Sterrett
Have you tried to learn to knit, but gave up in frustration? Now you can make hand made items without using knitting needles. Many people enjoy creating items with knitting looms. Provo craft makes a set of four circular looms called The Knifty Knitter. Each circular loom is a different size, and the set comes with Instructions and a tool that has a hook on the end of it. Provo craft also makes rectangular and oval shaped looms in different sizes.

I know how to knit, and crochet, but I enjoy making items on the Knifty Knitter as well. Some people feel they can make a hat faster on the Knifty Knitter then they can with regular knitting needles. Those who like to make hats to donate for charities will find the Knifty Knitter, especially helpful, as you're able to make hats quickly with the looms.

As a former knitting instructor, some of my students had difficulty learning how to knit with knitting needles. But they didn't have any problem, using the Knifty Knitter.

It's simply a matter of wrapping the yarn around the pegs. There are different stitches that can be used. You can wrap each peg a different amount of times, to achieve different looks. The hook is used to bring the loops on the bottom row or rows up and over the loop or loops on the following rows. You continue in this way, first wrapping the pegs, then using the hook to create the stitch.

Another peg is perpendicular to the pegs on the loom. That tells you where the beginning and end of the circle is. You also use this peg, to anchor your yarn when you're ready to use the hook.

You're not just limited to making hats on the Knifty Knitter. You can make socks, slippers, toys and many other items as well. Not only can you make tube shaped items on the circular looms, such as hats, but you can work back and forth on the circular looms to make a flat rectangular piece. Then you can make a scarf, or make several rectangular pieces that you can later join together as an afghan. You can also use different stitches, that create a whole new look for your item on the oval and rectangular looms that Provo Craft makes.

The Knifty Knitter does not distinguish between right handed and left handed people. Whereas many lefties, have to learn how to knit right handed, and there are not as many products available that are designed for use with the left hand.

Kids can make things on the Knifty Knitter like cell phone cases, or backpacks. Many elderly who may have been very skilled at knitting or crocheting, may have found they have to give up these crafts, if they suffer from arthritis and have difficulty holding a crochet hook or knitting needles. They won't have that kind of problem by using the looms to create their items.

Many designers have come up with ways that the stitches on the looms look very similar to the stitches you would get from knitting with knitting needles. There are knitting loom groups on line, that you can join. Some people have displayed pictures or videos showing what the next step in any stitch might be. Provo Craft has pictures and text that includes how to increase or decrease on the Knifty Knitter looms.

There are many free patterns available for the Knifty Knitter at as well as inexpensive instruction booklets. also has an extensive page of Knitted Loom items. Many of the knitting magazines are also starting to feature patterns for items that can be made with the looms.

So far, I've made hats, scarves, a shawl, slippers, and other items with the looms. I've also made a cool furry shaggy spider, a variety of small pumpkins for Halloween, a Snowman to help bring in the winter season. I've even made a colorful stuffed toy octopus, by combining techniques, from the Knifty Knitter, crocheting, and knitting. I made him a small pail and shovel with needlepoint on plastic canvas.

You can buy the set of looms at the Major Arts and Crafts Stores, if Provo Craft doesn't sell it directly from their web site. Whether you know how to knit, or crochet, or whether you don't, you'll find using the Knifty Knitter, to be fun, and easy. With the wide variety of different yarns available today, the possibilities for your hand made design creations are endless.

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