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Round Kitting Looms

By K Hupp | Submitted On September 16, 2009

If you would love to create your own homemade items from yarn, but never learned how to knit or crochet, you should check out round knitting looms. They will enable you to knit delightful items simply by wrapping yarn around the loom. Lifting a stitch over the wrapped yarn, using a small pick-up tool, is all it takes to get started and complete your first project.

Loom knitting can be dated back as far as the Middle Ages. Although it eventually fell out of popularity, it has once again become a popular past-time. Today, modern round knitting looms are widely available at many craft stores. They come in different colors for different sizes of finished projects.

You can even make your own knitting loom. Take a piece of board about 12" wide and cut it into a round shape. Cut a large circle out of the center of the board. Drive nails evenly spaced, about a 1/2" apart, around the top of the outside edge of the board. This makes the knitting surface. You can use something as simple as a crochet hook or large sewing needle as the pick-up tool. Before I decided to invest in the more costly manufactured looms, I made my own round loom and practiced with it.

The simplest items knitted on a round loom are hats and socks. They may be simple to make, but it doesn't take away from their usefulness. You can be quite creative and achieve any look you want simply by using different colors of yarn. Just tie a new color to the yarn you are already working with any time you like. This will create a totally unique look.

Although I recommend you start learning how to loom knit by making a hat, there are many other items that can be made using a round loom. You can make scarves, pillow tops, dish cloths and even afghans. The list doesn't stop there, either. Try searching for "round knitting looms" on the internet and you will find many different patterns available, along with detailed instructions on how to make them.

If you buy a round knitting loom kit, it will come with instructions on how to make a basic hat. After you make your first one, you will be hooked. Once you tire of hats, be sure to do a search so you can add to your list of things to make.

K. Hupp enjoys cooking, gardening and unique collectibles.

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