knitting loom Christmas Crafts: Santa Claus Loom Knitting Doll Pattern

Create This Santa Claus Doll Using Blue Knifty Knitter Round Loom

This pattern was created by me and can be used for your own personal use . Please do not resell this pattern since I own copyright to this pattern but you may sell the completed Santa Claus doll at flea markets.


Double-stitch- using ewrap method, wrap the loom once, repeat 2 more times. Lift bottom loop off the peg leaving 2 loops on the peg (1 over 2).

Half stitch-wrap around loom once, repeat 3 more times, lift bottom two loops off the peg and leave 2 loops on the peg (2 over 2).

Supplies Needed:

Worsted Weight Yarn in red, light pink and black ping pong yarn
Loopy white chenille with wire or white boa yarn
Wiggly Eyes
3/4" pink pom pom
Glue gun
Small scissors
Black ribbon
Buckle from pet collar
Black buttons
Knifty Knitter Blue Round Loom

The Santa Claus doll will measure 12 inches when completed sitting down.

Head & body (done as one piece)

Start with pink yarn first, work double stitch (1 over 2) for 20 rows, leave work on the loom. Attach red yarn at starting peg and work half stitch 2 over 2 for 15 rows. Leave work on loom.

Stuff polyfil into the tube towards the pink end, close the end by using the gathering method as you do with a hat. Remove the polyfil once end is closed, and turn the tube inside out on the loom.

Fill the pink part with polyfil stuff it good, take a 6 inch strand of pink yarn and tie around the neck, where the pink meets the red, tie closed, double knot it. Make sure the head is nice and round.

Now remove the loops on the loom also using the gathering method, with red yarn, do not tie tightly, leave enough of a hole for you to get more polyfil in the tube, stuff it good but do not make him too fat, push so bottom is flat and tie shut.

Arms (Make Two)

Using the flat panel method, wrap 8 pegs turn around at 9, go back and forth so you have 3 loops on every peg. Double stitch 1 over 2 for 15 rows.

As you do for a hat brim fold over and put bottom of panel loops over the loops already on the loom. Knit off 2 over 2 here.

Single crochet off. Stuff with polyfil, and gather one end shut, leave the other end open.

Legs ( Make Two)

Start with the red yarn using the flat panel method wrap 6 pegs with red yarn, now the tricky part ,take your black yarn and attach to the last peg you have a red loop underneath and wrap 4 pegs with black. You are now going to do one section at a time.

With the red yarn do the double stitch 1 over 2 complete one row. Then go to the black yarn and using the double stitch complete one row. Continue in this manner for 15 rows.

The black and red piece will not be connected at this time and this is fine will fix later.

Just as you did with the arms fold over like a hat brim. Single crochet off and fill with polyfil. I used black ping pong yarn for the shoes.

Santa's Hat

Double stitch in red yarn for 22 rows, you will NOT be doing a brim. At one end using the gathering method, slowly gather but not tightly so there is a pointy end like a Santa hat would have. Stuff with just a little polyfil to keep the pointy end up. Single crochet the loops on the loom off.

Putting Santa all together

Follow step by step or you will have problems. Cut (4) 6 inch pieces from chenille. Wrap around arms and legs. Please leave enough red to show for gloves, and above the black on the legs. Trim excess off.

Glue chenille into place in the back. Do not attach arms and legs yet to the body of the doll. I cut down the pom pom and attached eyes and his nose with hot glue gun for his face.

Cut a strip of chenille for coat front and glue on the back. Take buckle and weave through black ribbon twice, and glue around his waist attaching at the back for a belt. Wrap the chenille around his waist just under the buckle cut and glue into place. Trim the loops so you can see the belt buckle.

Attach arms and legs with red yarn strand and needle that came with the knitting loom, and whip stitch to the body. Make sure that your Santa is sitting firmly on the ground when you attach his legs.

Take the Christmas hat and place on Santa's head firmly. Measure chenille around the bottom of the hat and glue in the back. Cut a piece of chenille for Santa's beard, push each end up into the hat on both sides and glue into place.

Make a pom pom for the wired chenille by folding over the wire on each end and glue to the top of the hat, I pushed the hat over and whip stitched just once to give it the flop over look.

Now give Santa a hair cut. I also did this on arms and legs so that the chenille wasn't so loopy.

Glue black buttons to his coat if you wish.

This Santa Claus doll makes a great Christmas gift and also looks really nice placed under your Christmas tree. It is a easy to do craft pattern. I hoped that you enjoyed this free loom knitting pattern. Copyright 2009 by Jennifer Coldren

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