knitting loom Simple Slipper Project
by Authentic Knitting Board



These lace-up slippers are a great project for beginners! They can be knit up quickly, and are oh so cozy for winter!

Simple Knitted, Lace-up Slipper


(2) Skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick, and 2 yards of scrap yarn for shoelaces

28” Knitting Board

Crochet Hook

Large Eyed Needle


Cast On (24) stitches, starting on pin #30. Place loop on top board and weave the 24 stitches. Lay the anchor yarn. (Use a strong yarn for your anchor yarn.) Weave again and hook over. Stitches are cast on.

Knit 2 rows.

Increase Row-Increase (1) stitch, both boards at both ends of board. Weave and hook over. Now you have (26) stitches on the pins.

For size 6-8.5 size shoe, knit (27) additional rows. Bind Off.

For size 9-11 size shoe, knit for (29) additional rows. Bind Off.

Now you are ready to sew your piece together. Take the anchor yarn and pull the yarn very snuggly and knot a couple times. (photo A.) This will be the toe of the slipper. Then, with needle and matching yarn, sew up slipper about half way to allow opening for foot. Sew back edges for heel. (photo B.)

(OPTIONAL) Shoelace: Crochet a chain with ½ of your scrap yarn. Lace thru the slipper. Now you are ready to complete your second slipper.

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