knitting loom Simple Loom Knit Slippers
by Janice Haley

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I have been making these slippers for years. They are fun and simple to make. Using a small gauge sock loom, and two strands of worsted (or one strand of Bulky) weight yarn...cast on (leaving a 12" beginning tail) and knit a flat pannel for 21 rows. Then knit in the round for 19 rows. Bind off using the gathering method. Pull tightly so you don't have an opening at the toe of your slipper. Then with beginning tail yarn, sew up heal portion of the slipper. For a cuff, using one strand of yarn in (This yarn could be one of the two used in the body of the slipper, or a completely different contrasting color.) do one row of single crochet, a second row done with double crochet, and end with a third row done in single crochet. If you don't crochet, leave this off. You will still have a great slipper. Try using different yarns, maybe even a fun fur yarn, or add pom poms to dress up your slippers. These instructions fit a woman's size 9 foot great. You can adjust the size by adding or subtracting rows as needed.

Other Cuff Options:


click for larger image. 3 rows of *single crochet.

[knitalong.JPG] click for larger image.  2 rows of single crochet followed by chain 3*  in every other single crochet.

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