knitting loom  
Slouchy Hat
By Pam Loomer
1.  Knitting loom - I used 5/8 inch peg spacing.  This is the purple Knifty Knitter hat loom.  This loom has been discontinued, but CinDwood now makes them, so if you don’t have the purple hat loom, and you want to use this size loom, you can get them from CinDwood.  However, this pattern can be used for any size hat loom.
2.  Loom knitting pick
3.  1 skein of bulky #5 yarn
4.  16 stitch markers
Place a stitch marker on every 3rd peg.  You won’t need to use them until after the brim, but it’s easier to put them on before you start.  These are the pegs you will be creating extra stitches on.
1.  Cast on using your favorite cast on.  I like to use the chain cast on.
2.  Do 2 inches of ribbing (k1, p1 or k2, p2) for the brim.
Hat Body:
Now that the brim is complete, switch to stockinette stitch.  You’re just going to be doing the stockinette stitch for the body of the hat, except you’re going to be creating an extra stitch on the pegs with stitch markers.  That’s what gives the hat a poof so it can be slouchy.

1.  Knit 2 rows. 
2.  4th row - Continue with the stockinette stitch, creating an extra stitch on each peg that has a stitch marker.

Note:  To create an extra stitch, we’ll use peg 3 as our example.  After you knit peg 3, take the stitch off the peg and move it to the previous peg (peg 2), so now there are two stitches on peg 2, and peg 3 is empty. 
Reach behind peg 3 (it’s actually between pegs 3 and 4), grab the previous stitch (it will look like a straight line), and pull it up onto peg 3. 
Once you have the previous stitch on peg 3, wrap peg 3 and knit it. 
Take the extra stitch off peg 2 and put it back on peg 3.  Now peg 3 will have 2 stitches on it.
I learned this trick from Jeannie Phillips.
3.  Now that’s you've created an extra stitch on every 3rd peg, you’re going to continue working the hat in stockinette stitch until it is 10 or 10 1/2 inches from beginning to end, or until desired length.
Remember to work your extra stitch on every 3rd peg.  Knit the top stitch, move it over to the previous peg, knit the bottom stitch, and then put the top stitch back.
4.  Once the hat is the length you want it, you can end it with your favorite closure.  My favorite closure is the flat drawstring castoff.



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