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Note from Frances:
you do not need a wonder knitter or a spool knitter to make an i-cord (aka the snowman's scarf) - you can make an i-cord using any small loom, such as the blue knifty knitter)
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Materials used
ITA Mitten Loom or
the Knifty Knitter Small Round Loom - Blue
Wonder Knitter for scarf
Black Pipe Cleaners or Buttons for Nose , eyes, front.
Filler: Fiberfill
Using two stands of Bernat Softee Chunky white, Red, Blue, Green. You can use any yarn you like but I chose this one because its so soft.

Snowman body
Using mitten or blue loom - E-wrap for 35 rows with 2 strands of white.
Once you have done this close the top of it with the gathering method as for hats.
Stuff with fiberfill, shape head and tie scrap piece of white yarn around neck, finish filling and close bottom of the body.

Using the 'wonder knitter' I made the scarf long enough to wrap around his neck and added fringe to it.  (You could also crochet this with a ch 4 - then sc back and forth till long enough,)

Using same loom as for body - E-wrap for 8 rows, form brim, e-wrap 7 more rows.
Gather top to form hat top. End off.
Make a pom pom and attach it to the top of the hat.

With either buttons or pipe cleaners I made the eyes, mouth and front of snowman, (or use black yarn to make them) I also used a small piece of orange yarn for the nose by making a knot in the yarn and snipping off the ends.  I used Tacky Glue to put all the pieces on.

Note from Toni: On the Red Snowman I decided to make little arms and hands... took the black pipe cleaner, snipped a piece approx. 3 inches long, cut another piece 2 inch long wrapped that piece around the 3 inch piece to make hands.
Let your imagination go wild, I prefer the buttons to the pipe cleaner but wanted to try something different

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