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Care of Your Raku Pottery Products

By Ibeleme Uchenna | Submitted On April 11, 2011

Raku Pottery like all household good need to be specially cared for. Pottery products are very fragile, hence they need to be handled carefully so that they can last longer. Imagine having this beautiful pottery in your house. After sometime you find out that it no longer has that appearance that caught your eye. It now looks old and worn out. Worse, it falls down and breaks. Hopefully, this would not be the case. As long as the following tips are followed, then that beautiful product of yours would last longer.

1. Do not subject your pottery to sudden temperature change.

2. Never pour hot water into your wares. If you must pre-warm by pouring a little hot water first into the pottery.

3. Make sure the food or liquid inside the can fills it up completely before heating. This ensures uniform heating within the product.

4. Do not dry roast meat inside your clay vessel. This can cause uneven heating and lead to breaking. Instead, add little amount of water, add your meat and then roast inside the oven.

5. ALWAYS avoid placing your pottery in areas of high altitude. Place them in places where they would not fall and break.

6. Pottery is very easy to clean. Use a damp cloth to clean your products from time to time. Also, you can allow to soak for a little while.

7. Do not use your pottery on an electric burner, broiler or direct heat source. This is because most pottery products are not formulated to withstand high temperatures.

8. Black marks left as a result of heating can be removed by scrubbing with a non abrasive metal cleaner.

9. Avoid wearing jewellery and other articles of clothing that might scratch your pottery. Also, since our fingertips contain amino acids, avoid touching your pottery with your bare hands. Try using hand gloves or latex gloves.

10. Always support the product evenly. Try placing your pottery on a flat surface. Avoid tilting it.

Most time, your product might become damaged and have to be repaired. Repairing is very easy and straight forward. There are resins that can be used to join breaks and cracks in pottery. This breaks can be spotted using a magnifying glass. After the resin has been applied, the area can then be painted to disguise the area. In some extreme cases, the product may be re-painted with paint or lacquer as the last step in its restoration. This can be done to give your product that shine and sparkle it always had.

Proper care and handling of your pottery product will help them keep their beauty and function for years.

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