Frances Osborne Pottery and Ceramics

Austin Texas

Frances Osborne Pottery and Ceramics
Austin Tx
Bisque — unglazed pottery after first firing
Composition — the organization of a work of art
Glaze — a special clear or colored liquid mixture that is applied to pottery and becomes a hard glass surface when fired to the right temperature in a kiln
Fire — a term used in ceramics; to heat the clay in a kiln at a very high temperature until it is dry and hard and becomes pottery.
Majolica — a type of elaborately decorated pottery developed in the Middle Ages and refined in the Renaissance. White tin glazed earthenware was painted and decorated with stains and oxides. This traditional majolica process is still being explored by artists today, however it can be reproduced using safe contemporary materials.
Pattern — an original design used as a guide or model for copying
Tile — a thin, rectangular or square piece of fired clay
Trace — to copy a drawing onto another surface by following the lines of the original drawing
Underglaze — a special type of color that is put on a ceramic piece before the glaze. It has no flux (glass former) in it so it stays where it is put when fired and is good for detail work. It is used for painting and decorating.

watercolor pottery vase

Ceramics — the art of making objects of clay which are hardened by firing at a high temperature in a kiln

Kiln — an oven or furnace that reaches very high temperatures (2000°F to 2300°F) and is used for drying, firing, and glazing ceramic ware.

Slab — a rolled out piece of clay of a certain thickness

Template — a positive pattern

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