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Tips and Suggestion About Buying Used Kilns

By G. Smitty | Submitted On May 22, 2010

Numerous people are seriously searching the Internet for places to buy or sell a used kiln. Usually, used kilns will cost less than new kilns. Shoppers are often concerned about the functionality of a used oven. Most of the times, they want to know how much money the used kilns are worth of. A few factors affect the pricing of used ovens. Examples include the depreciation rate, working condition, models and age among other factors. If you want to sell any used oven, keep those factors in mind.

Those who want to buy ovens should expect the sellers to base their prices on the same factors. The most important thing to note is that your second hand kiln has some value. You can find a customer who is willing to pay the amount you desire as long as he or she thinks the price is fair. Make sure that your kiln or the kiln you are about to buy can fire. If it cannot, convincing a customer to buy the kiln would be difficult.

The following tips and suggestions will help you buy a used kiln:

• The heating elements-As a buyer you would hate to pay for an old kiln with damaged heating elements. If you do, it's good to prepare for the extra cost of repair and maintenance. It's better to add money to buy a new kiln instead. The cost of buying spare elements is high nowadays including the cost of hiring an expert installer. Let the seller test the kiln in front of you. This way you can tell if the elements are in good shape or not. You may ask an expert to test the kiln elements by measuring the resistance.
• Consider the lead glazes-When the seller has fired the lead glazes in the kiln already; it might not be a good choice for you. This is because the kiln is impure and you might not be capable of firing any safe wares or dinnerware using it. The home-based lead testing kits may be used to do it. There is no certain way of doing it though. You should try to search the Web for extra notes on carrying out this test.
• Available controls-if you plan to buy old version used kilns, expect them to have simple controls. Any person can directly use these controls. The problem with these controls is that they are not very advanced. You certainly want to be current by buying used kilns with computerized controls. These are not as complex as one would think. You should practice how to use the automatic controls of the kiln once you pay for it. You could even buy an oven and controller accessories. Be warned that these controllers can be expensive. Be sure to negotiate the price of the kiln if you intend to buy these pricey controllers.

• Consider any missing feature- you should consider all the features of a used kiln. If you find out that a kiln has a missing detail, it's good to avoid it. This is because buying them would cost you extra money for shipping.

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