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Large Quantity Soups

Asian Stiry Fry Soup

Carrot Soup

Chicken Corn Chowder

Texas Tortilla Soup

Tortellini Soup

Turkey or Chicken Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

Cabbage Soup (from the Cabbage Soup Diet)

Ratatouille (1) and (2)

Spicy Mexican Vegetable Soup

Small Quantity Soups

Pumpkin Soups

Butternut Squash Soups

Large Quantity

 Main Dishes


Chinese Fried Rice

Tex-Mex Casserole

Chili Corn Pie (Vegetarian)

Chili Mac (Vegetarian)

Baked Mac and Cheese

Chicken Recipes

Chicken Crock Pot Recipe

     White Chicken Chili



Chicken Curry 

3 Easy Paleo Chicken Recipes

Orange Chicken







International Cooking


British Restaurant Style Curries (Indian)

Orange Chicken Recipe (Asian)



Meat Recipes

Chili with Meat

Philly Cheese Steak



Veggie Burgers

Cooking 101

Basic Cooking Terms

Top 10 Holiday Recipes

Delicious Pork BBQ Recipe

Breadmaker Recipes that are Easy to Make


The Family Gourmet by Frances OsborneThe Family Gourmet
Book by Frances Osborne
This complete cookbook covers your meal from beginning to end: from appetizers to desserts, from simple to complex, gourmet to home-style. You’ll find something for every member of your household, even your picky eater! ... Google Books
Author: Frances Osborne


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Healthy Salad Recipes
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cooking articles
Healthful Indian Cooking : An Introduction to How Its Done in Homes
Indian Cooking: Diversity and Features

American Food
Coney Island Hot Dog

Salad Dressings
Chipotle Ranch

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